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  1. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Hm, after this fiasco I think I'll just go to a different free MMO now. Maybe one by Nexon, GameForge or EA. They're better companies than NCSoft, clearly. Thanks for crippling Guild Wars 2.
  2. Ascension Pouch Available Until March 22 for 0 NCoin

    Ok, that's a step in the right direction out of the necessary hundred. Next step - let us convert Demon Spirit Stones into Lesser Demon Spirit Stones and merge Black Rose Feathers with Freezing Orbs to form Frozen Feathers. Both changes the lack of which is only illogical.
  3. And of course instead, the gold reward from all the lv 55 dungeons up to and including Sandstorm Temple has been HALVED. But nobody's in an uproar over that. Because everybody's already in an uproar over White Orbs and item rewards from Heaven's Mandate/Cold Storage being antiqued for a copper each out of nowhere. Brilliant move on NCSoft's part, no? Cover up one outrage with another.
  4. I heard that BnS streams in the past gave information that turned out to be false, ignorant or outdated once the patch hit. So I was hesitant to believe the stream that each upgrade made getting the legendary soul likelier. The problem is, that the patch notes gave the exact same information. "With each failed Evolution, your chance of a successful Evolution increases." said the section about in-game events. This, as we all know, turned out to be a plain lie. And yes, like another person in this thread, I do have a partially upgraded non-event soul, stage 8 to be exact. And similarly to the other person, I want to be compensated, for being stupid enough to participate in prior events for Sacred Oils when I could have just waited for this event, to be able to salvage my now useless stage 8 Soul into Sacred Vials or to be able to give it to an alt or sell for a lot of gold.
  5. Scions Keep Boss Changes Issue with Knockback

    "Sword Force Protection"...I guess that's supposed to be the Sword Dance attack, since Iron Conqueror gets a barrier during it. Did it ever do knockback? I also hear the change to the spin attack is that it no longer inflicts knockDOWN, not knockback.
  6. Rahmion issues

    An alternative suggestion would be to ask for a helper in region chat. I know I was asked to help another player in Ebon Hall in this fashion, another may be willing too.
  7. Hoping soon FM for Jin Race please D:

    Sure, just give Soul Fighter or Assassin to Lyn while you're at it