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  1. Nahhh they will never do that!!! more likely to add a rng box with more mats ....
  2. I dont understund why you ppl cry for the free outifit be ugly or not in halloween style... just look at the hmstore outfits is all halloween style also there is alot of good outfits on the rng box!!! hahaha come on guys put it in your brain for good there will be never be a good looking outfit for free or throw events!! only for rng boxs/trove (let aside for mats for endgame gears) burn it down and move on!!!
  3. Nop beld and bracelet is still the same the changes was only for ring/earr/nec
  4. This outfit is when you create a lvl 50 char with a voucher and you start the small tutorial otherwise you can get the same outfit with other name from heavens mandate like the other guys say
  5. you can still buy the stratus spendor outfit from the grand harvest square
  6. I want to see you say the same to the ppl who ask 1.1k for the NS.... also the old stage 3nec had 34 ap and the new one have 14 so if it was equivalent to stage 6 has to have 36 ap not 22 aaaaaaany way!
  7. yeap the codes apply to your account automaticaly i just did and it activate
  8. https://imgur.com/a/n9mqw an old photo of my and my girlfriend chars
  9. Can some1 explain what is this? cuz i dont know how to read korean is an oufit or a new area/event?
  10. I do the same i try to help now players but when they ignore me and we fail cuz of them not lisening i leave too so i agree with you. for my side the problem is that ppl leave the partys w/o even join the dungeons and the most of times i run a perfect round with a pt of hm 8~9~10 than a pt with hm12++ i realy hate to do 15-20 min for a dungeon that can be finish in 5-7 min becuz i have to w8 5++ min for the pt to get full
  11. I have w 8.1 and i run x64bit client i did what the op say and now i got max 10 fps and gose lower. what i did wrong and how i can at least go back? i reinstal the game and still is the same plz help me ^_^
  12. finaly 1 person who see it the same way as i see it !!
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