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  1. I feel like we could have the outfits Ivory Bird, Red Queen and I think it was called Yellow Butterfly make an appearance once again. Those are jin, gon and yun locked outfits that I have not seen in the store in quite some time. There was also a male-only outfit at the beginning as well - I do not own a male character so I cannot check the name. We had them when the game came out, but since they were removed they have not come back at all. Could be a nice to have them instead of having not-that-old event outfits return. But if we are looking for other outfits I would d
  2. I would like to see Breezy once more in the Hongmoon store. I regret not buying it when it was out 2 years ago and it has not yet made a reappearance. Everything else has been out at least twice, but not Breezy. It looks stunning on my female Gon FM and if it shows up I am snatching it right away.
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