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  1. I don't think it's the download speed that is the problem here. I think it's the nonsensical amount of disk operations that the client does while downloading. Everything is downloaded as archives into a separate folder, then decompressed, then copied, then repacked into the dat files.
  2. For some reason I deleted all my screenshots of him, but here is my profile.
  3. I'm probably gonna get bullied for this, but I wouldn't mind seeing the cross-gender After School Special or My Angel costume. He was made for them.
  4. It's like you heard the thread call you to you.
  5. Are you on a laptop? If you are, it could be graphics switching automatically setting the 64bit client to use the integrated card instead of your RX 460. I believe ATI/AMD's graphics switching is called Enduro. You'll have to look up how to set it right. If not, then I have no idea. Sorry.
  6. Must be easy to gets hundreds and hundreds of gold right?
  7. LOL. So true, so true... That's a male Jin, btw.
  8. Parse? What? 90-120 sounds good. If it seems like his animations are faster, maybe he's using some kind of hacks? Find different people to watch. See if there is any variance besides this guys.
  9. Nearly a hundred views and no replies. This is like high school sad.
  10. Not going to happen, friend. I can barely run BnS on my Intel i7's graphics. I can't see an i3's working at all.
  11. True fiber optic (the whole network is fiber optic) connections are unaffected by network congestion. I say true, because there are some ISPs that advertise fiber optic, but it's only from the house to the line outside. True fiber optic connections are fairly rare still. I am on the only one in Canada. That being said, I have a 1ms ping to anything within the fiber optic network (which is the majority of the east coast), once I connect outside, if it's not another fiber optic network, it goes up quite drastically. My ping to BnS is 90-120. We're all bound by distance and the hops our connectio
  12. The player base can't be that small (they probably have a certain number they want from a cost vs income perspective) or they would change their meta.
  13. Did you reply to the wrong person or misunderstand? The discussion is to prevent it from being used in PvP, not dungeons and raids (PvE).
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