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  1. Even though GG might not be active, it's still installed. I tried uninstalled it aggressively, but it reinstalled when I launched the game. So it's either still running or they don't plan on keeping it disabled.
  2. All I have is my profile pic. :3
  3. Good thing they turned off GameGuard, because it clearly wasn't preventing hackers from doing anything. It's just a coincidence that the amount of hackers has increased exponentially. This is sarcasm. A small handful of people cried to have it taken out. Now everybody else has to deal with it. It's like real life up in here.
  4. They probably have a non-amendable protocol that they follow and someone with more "power" can't change it. Mind saying what the purpose of the ticket was? Curiosity begets me.
  5. Sorry, I deleted mine. You didn't respond for so long I thought you had gotten what you wanted already.
  6. Update if you have any luck with this.
  7. Ahhh. That's brutal. They should remove it from the req. There's already a daily cap on mandate, so it's not like you can farm the hell out of it.
  8. /f Looking for a clan that accepts lowbies! You'll get an invite instantly.
  9. What you talking about?
  10. They don't have to look child like at all, people just think they have to design them that way. For example: This was a reply to posts that talked about Lyn as being children. The posts were deleted and my reply was left without reference.
  11. You can change the hair color, style, and eye color yourself after you load the preset.
  12. MMOs with defined roles have massive amounts of unavoidable damage, so a healer is required. This game does not. You can go an entire boss fight without taking (severe) damage if you're situationally aware. They also have the Dragon Blood for those that really like to stand in crap.
  13. Updates can fail locally without any error message. A badly running game is a pretty solid indication. Re-installing fixes 9/10 problems, every time. Part of my computer preventative maintenance routine is to reset Windows. Windows 7+ has made that so much easier. I used to just to a format with the install CDs. The real question is, "why are some people in a mess and others are playing just fine?"
  14. This is something everyone should try before going to the forums. It doesn't take that long to download and install.