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  1. Do you still want us to make tickets and put the info in the other thread related to this issue? @Hime
  2. I would advise using the wardrobe preview screen as it has the least animations and you can easily rotate the character
  3. you guys can simply buy msp 8 ss with the green fragments and salvage them into the plants and flowers that are account bound
  4. that's because its only supposed to reduce the upgrade cost until you get to Aransu 3 anything past that is not included. they had said it either on one of their posts or in their patch preview stream I forget where it was said
  5. I haven't done it in a while but the last time I did I swapped from yun > lyn and cosmetics like the seductress and temptress that I already had in my wardrobe just stayed there in a section like "unusable" or something (I obv couldn't use them as lyn)
  6. try again its up and working again for me
  7. 100% you want full 8 piece bt it gives you a 1 min sb
  8. i have compiled the list of the new dc and the rewards you receive each day if you use this image PLEASE give me credit it took all week to make this <3
  9. So i haven't seen anyone else posting about this yet so i thought i'd bring it up. why in the world does the Auric Nebula stone work for Seraph/Dawnforged while the Cardinal works for Baleful/Riftwalk when seraph upgrades to riftwalk and baleful upgrades to dawnforged. my only theory regarding this is that in the other versions where seraph/bale are reversed this event was used there? Anyone have any ideas?
  10. on monday i will post the entire week's daily challenge here for you
  11. server 1- 5 - 6 umm buddy you know those arent the 3 that are linked
  12. i mean you could still do that if you have 2 available char slots level one then schedule it for deletion then level the second and by the time you're done with that the first one would be deleted.
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