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  1. One of those bug fixes had better be making the exchange possible, as promised.
  2. Heaven’s Mandate & Cold Storage Antique Items

    Absolute bullshit. Miscommunication my ass. You know what, cancelling my sub.
  3. WL 8MSP Rupture cooldown gone

    Small update on this: Frost Rupture doesn't have the cooldown applied nor is it in the tooltip, Shadow Rupture on the other hand does get the cooldown applied, even though it already has an instant cooldown.....
  4. WL 8MSP Rupture cooldown gone

    Warlock's 8 piece MSP set bonus used to reduce the cooldown of Rupture by 100% before the patch, now it's gone. This wasn't mentioned in the patch notes, so gonna assume it's unintended and bugged.
  5. Chapter 2: A link to the Past and Present

    Have you gone up to them and interacted [F] with them after they say "Who...?" Every other one should become friendly and spawn a flower, the others will just become hostile again.