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  1. Hazenciar`s fan arts and screenshots

    Nice Pics/Art ! <3 Can I have some more pls <3? .x.
  2. Hello, TY for doing this! <3 If you have the time here are the Links: http://bbs.17173.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=8915691&extra=page%3D6%26filter%3Dtypeid%26orderby%3Dlastpost%26typeid%3D1800 http://bbs.17173.com/thread-8107396-1-6.html
  3. Are you into yaoi? [Mushin Server]

    NA... /tears I rp not much, but likes yaoi .x. I would like to find more people on EU, for yaoi etc! >:
  4. Stop gating emotes behind certain outfits

    Sweet treat + Pure Affection, Youtube etc. owo http://bns.plaync.com/board/image/article/7541523?p=22
  5. Stop gating emotes behind certain outfits

    That couple dance is so lovely. <~< I was happy, they released "Pure Affection"! My Friend and I was so excited~ A Partner-emote yay! We bought both that outfit "Pure Affection" for the Emote, but you cant use it with the same gender. You need Sweet Treat. .3. .... For female its the same. I hope they change it... for all emotes.
  6. Hello! Im looking to buy the outfit "Spirit of Bamboo"! Send me a private message pls, Thx!