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  1. a solution would be, check the logs on wednesday ban people for like 3days (you can't realy perm ban them since lack or player base.) Than for pet pack would be just keep it as it is, but when new Pet aura and talisman stages came, make it from than on forward like a new pet pod currency like pet pod 2.0 or something. so people can get max with the current stuff but when new stages come they have to get the new pet pods. I think this would be for the best, so people wont cant max talisman and pet aura stages when the new tiers get released
  2. the fact that you guys reverted people stage 3 silversteel weapon so they could use the easier path to make it stage 6 silversteel, makes this whole thing even worse! You either fix your error and revert them all back to stage 3 silversteel weapon or you keep the old upgrading path.
  3. I do agree that Destroyer needs a double cc, since most classes have it, except the 1 that deserves it the most in my opinion. And it's only usefull for PVE so it shouldn't be big of a deal in my problem. This will also give bit more pve balance between BD and DES because now I would say BD>DES. But giving DES a double CC would be a bit more balanced
  4. PVE Build since patch?

    Still using the same build as before, just try to use grab alot. To increase party dps. Some people prefer to use eradicate(RMB) now, but I prefer to use the ani-cancel rmb with might cleave.
  5. WTFast Worth it for BnS? Y/N

    Used wtfast basic before and I disliked it. It did a good job on my ping but when I used wtfast 90% of the time party/region/guild chat didn't seem to work unless I picked a server with 11+ ping. At the moment I'm using Battleping and I like it alot. No problems with chat and I notice the game is responding alot quicker than when I dont use it. And it's easy to use Maybe if battleping has expired i'll try pingzapper if other EU people like it
  6. Server/routing issues (with graphs)

    Same problem here keep having massive delays/freezes/DC/etc... so annoying can't even finish my quest in cross server
  7. Combat lag

    Got the same since yesterday evening I started having laggs/DC. Today I played few hours and again massive combat lagg. And I never had this problem before too. Used repair files and restarted PC but nothing helps. I wonder if more people got this problem in the last few days.
  8. Give it Another Shot or Pointless?

    Where people read about this new event? I can't find it
  9. Blitz & Knee

    Yeah noticed too my knee only works on other destroyer when using their shield, On other classes 90% of my knee's just wont hit.
  10. Blitz & Knee

    Blitz S2 T2 Shouldn't this stun KFM/BM while they're using their block when I jump ? since in the description it says: defense,parry penetration during sprint, jump, or glide. But when I jump it doesn't stun them or does it only stun them when I jump when I'm out of combat? With knee doesn't matter what Stage or Tier I put my skills in but when I use it, it hits them but they won't get dazes 90% of the time. Bug? or just normal?. It's shows I hitted them yet they can still run/use their skills and didn't use their escape skills
  11. I know there are close to no changes in the upcoming schedules, but as we've seen with other things. If people dislike or disagree with something they might take a look at it to make it more balanced so more people will be satisfied with the arena. And agree with you, that they have to balance the arena gameplay if they want to make it a esport.
  12. What an hate guys it's only an opinion, not everything has to be taken so seriously take a chill pill. And it's clear that some of you guys play a class that dominates the ranking class. As i said this is just my opinion got better idea's post them, no need to say arugement with no valid reason. Played over 1k PVP matches. so yeah do know how pvp works. As I said in this thread I haven't played every class. I did get prev seasons up to 2k rating in EU on 2 class 1 class 1900, this season highest rating was 1950. I neither played KFM nor FM, it's just I haven't played alot agains't those classes so hard to judge. Good tip always thought that with my nose I could make the fastest/best combo's Answered most above this quote. As I said not everything has to be taken seriously just pointing out a few things. Nice argument I like turtles. Remember this is just an opinion you guys are taking everything to seriously pretty sure we can all agree I might pointed out to much, but the arena is just to unbalanced and just trying to point this out
  13. In my opinion there is too much wrong with the balance in PVP the arena. In this thread I'll give you my opinion what I think should be changed. (I'm sorry for my crappy grammer, English isn't my native language) The 100% to 0% combo that almost every class can do is ruining PVP arena. It's really frustating when you still have ~80% hp+ and your oppenent has 10% hp left and than still manage to get you to 0% hp without losing health. I haven't played every class so ofcourse I still make mistakes, but that 1 mistake can get you to 100% to 0 hp in a matter of seconds. In my opinion for every class there should be a few changes when entering the PVP arena. For all classes: knockdown/daze/stun etc: Decrease duration of every knockdown/daze/stun by 1 or 1.5 sec ( for example 3sec knockback changes to 2 sec or 1.5 sec) making it alot harder to 100%>0 someone) Movement speed buffs: speed buff not able incombination with evade buff + decrease movement speed buffs by 50% ( if movement speed now gives +30% it should be +15%) All 5 resistance buffs: change from 5 resistance from damage to 3 For Range classes: Aiming ranged attack: Your crosshair have has to be alot closer to target to attack your enemy. (I dont know how many meters you can look to the right/left side of your enemy and still auto target him would say 4 or 5? should be decreased to 2) Blade Master: Flash Step: change use from 3 steps to 2 Block: Increase cooldown by 0.8 sec Five point strike (Knock up skil not sure if it's the right name): Decrease dmg by 30% Kung Fu Master: Counter: Increase cooldown from 1.3 to 2 sec Footwork/Shadow Dance: Increase cooldown to 25 sec Destroyer: Hurricane: Increase cooldown from instant to 0,5 sec Typhoon: Decrease damage by 25-35% + cost focus increase from 10 to 15 Fury: Decrease overal dmg during use by ~15% Grab: Increase cooldown from 18 sec to 24 sec Force Master: LB+RB: Change Area from target to 2x16 (like sunflower) OR decrease dmg by 25-35% Chill stacks: Decrease from 6 secs to 3 sec Phantom grib: Add requirement, can only be used on stunned, knockdown, dazed enemies + decrease range to 6m Assassin: Webbing: Increase cooldown from 18 to 25 sec Stealth: Increase cooldown from 36 to 45 sec Shadow dash: Increase cooldown from 6 to 10 sec + decrease evade buff by 60-75% Sneak attack: Increase cast time from instant to 0.3 sec Lotus escape: increase cooldown from 30 to 38 sec OR/AND Decrease area from 100m to 12m Summoner: Power Pounce: Increase cooldown from 18 sec to 28 or 30 sec + decrease duration from 5 sec to 3 or 3,5 sec Grasping roots F1 T2/3: Cooldown refreshed on counter with seed shroud Changed to Decrease cooldown by 16 sec Lunge: Change not being able to use when enemy using is in the air using a skill Seed Shroud: Increase cooldown from 8 to 15 sec + User resist to damage,status effect from 1.5 sec to 1sec Cat: Decrease damage by ~70% True Friend: Decrease healing effect by 30% or 50% + increase cooldown from 24 sec to 30 sec Blade Dancer: Vortex: Increase cooldown from 1 sec to 1.5 or 2 sec Phantom Grib: Add requirement, can only be used on stunned, knockdown, dazed enemies + decrease range to 4m Guardian tempest: Increase cooldown from 36 sec to 45 sec Five point strike: Decrease dmg by 30% Warlock: Thrall: Decrease hit box by half Thall Gravity well: Decrease amount of times pulling enemies by 1 time Time Distortion/soulburn: Decrease damage during use by 25-30% Dragoncall: Decrease dmg by 10-15% Soul Shackle: Duration from 5 sec to 3 or 3.5 sec PVP arena: If 5 matches in a row end in the time running out zen bean/exp reward gets halfed (This to avoid hide&seek/stalling games) Feel free to leave a reply about your opinion if it's fine the way it is or if you would like to see some changes. I know some things I mentioned might look redicilouis but it's just an opinion I have. If you know some better changes or anything feel free to leave reply. I made this thread beause I see alot of people complaining about PVP arena (including myself) and that they should change somethings thats why I made it and hope you guys also have some nice/good idea's on how they can improve PVP arena so more people will like it. (big fan of pvping but kind of disliking it how it is at the moment.) Also made a small poll for those who prefer not to reply but still have a opinion:( Not sure if I'm allowed to post links or if I'm doing it correct but will see) http://www.strawpoll.me/embed_1/10138730 Used bnstree.com for skill descriptions/namse so thanks to bnstree.com for this. Sorry for the long post and listen to some nice music while reading. *edit* Remember this is just an opinion dont take it to seriously, It might look I try to nerf every class which make every match looks like it will last 5 min. But I am just trying to point out that there is a massive unbalance in PVP arena. And ofcourse the changes i wrote here would never happen but a few changes here and than would be nice
  14. For some reason I can't see the green flowerblooms anymore that asura spawn, I only see a small bit of grass which is the flower. While 2 days ago I could easily spot the flowers and wasn't such a tiny bit of grass. I did changed my setting abit yesterday but during the run i switched everything back to 5 and still couldn't see them. Any1 knows what to do?
  15. any vid link? and what time is it?