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  1. This is so funny, really really funny crying for pressing 1 more key....... im so happy they cant use bullet to delete a party in 6vs6 but now we dealt with unloads
  2. Make ice good for pvp as shadow are, if they make both element do same dmg in pve but in pvp ice is a complete garbage and this si not fair at all
  3. I agree, the funny thing is that wl dont have that magic unfair pvp skill from vt badge, 60x views and no1 say something, that mean this post is 100 true and they dont want to lose their magic unfair pvp skill. That momment when you watch your opponent spam rmb and kill you and you cant do nothing to stop it..........
  4. Haters and more haters, alway when someone complaint about gunner some kid come and say warlock is broken too First people talk about gunner and their ability to 1 hit 4-6 people in a row without need of any cc(which is supposed to be pvp mechanic) you get cc and no escape=die Second warlock cannot 1 hit a whole party not even 1 single target first warlock need to cc the target you can alway escape and run or iframe or react to that attacks, if you get cc and you dont escape and get double aerial and die then its your fault plus you comparing 3-4 sec or double aerial vs less than hal
  5. Gunner is able to 1 shot entire party i guess that not ok, they deserved to kill all party on sight, they need buff
  6. Sorry cant help you, just here to say there no info about wls seem like this class is dead peoples dont say nothing in forums just hates and more hates, nothing helpfull
  7. They say wl is a buffer, let assume it is true but did you noticed sb get nerfed and assassin blue buff get buffed? Badges and other gears skills get a lot of CD reduction while sb new toi badge will give only 5sec on last hit of imprision 36 sec cd what a joke(assassin get 3sec reduction every rmb no cd faster skill ingame)
  8. Not to mention that other class get a unfair pvp buff that pierce everything that can kill wl even with untargetable sanctum on just pressing their magic rmb, no cc no aerial just RMB how is it fair, they keep saying badge is op for 6vs6 and toi but on 6vs6 is op for party not for wl itself not fun there for wls, on pve side everyone get buffed but wls loses vs bt badge this game weird to not say unfair
  9. This topic was about BD and all end up hating wl, wl at 6vs6 is middle or botton atm just wanted for sb, while fm,sin,gunner,bm can one hit kill which fm and gunner dont even need to cc the target, remember if you get cc and no escape is not the enemy fault is your fault you will die no matter which class you fighting this is the pvp mechanic not pve, show me a good geared 6vs6 fight with wl having top dmg or highest kill rate
  10. The future is now just see the wl vt badge, every class get overpoweres badge for pve and pvp that pierce all but warlock just get a badge that give mega buff to party but dps loss on on self, sad but this class seem like just a alt class right now everyone just hate it and want it dissapear
  11. You know you can go away and wait until their anti target is gone? That only 10sec with 1min cd, then wls is meat and open for your skills plus you know you have a broken skill in button "1"? You also can drag them out from anti target area, kfm has a skill for that cant be blocked
  12. The issue is that few class can 1 or 2 hit you without the need of cc examply force master can 1 hit snow ball and assasin can 1 hit minetoss, sf can use his frost hurricane thing that cant be blockked, destroyer, can cast 2 time or more not sure a skill that explode that 40kx2 each skill total 160k plus red spin is just infair, gunner tab rmb and bye, and yees ppls will say wls aerial you and die but i never seen 1 single wl fight me 1 vs 1 kill me with his 2x aerial i have 3400cridef
  13. They just crybabys that think warlock is that easy to play, then why not create a hm1 warlock and get to no1? You all cant? Then stop talking bs about how wls are so op I've seem so many destroyer,sin,bd,kfm hm1 alts maybe no hm skills yet on top 10 1vs1 but never, yes i did day NEVER seem a alt warlock hm1 top 10 Remove warlock "hobba"? Another big BS actually warlock can only dps in pvp with that "hobba" no like other class can kill you without CCing you, and you get dazed or stunned is your fault bcuz you noob understand it and stoo complaint
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