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  1. *shrugs* Als ich das vor kurzem erfahren habe das wir nichtmal mehr die pfade habe hab ich mir nichtmal mehr die mühe gemacht die story weiter zu spielen und habe mir einfach die videos angesehen man versteht zwar kein wort und übersetzungen gibts natürlich au nich aber so hat man wenigstens ETWAS
  2. I wouldnt say hispter. When i started the game after release i saw a LOT of original names with a korean/chinese ring to it which were fitting perfectly. Just a month later the whole narutos and sasukes and one punch mans sprung out of the bushwork growing like weed and not getting cut down anytime soon. So it was better at the start but as names get taken the creativity diminishes of course^^
  3. Naja im ORIGINALEM Light Path ist Mushin bereits geschichte und durch die ganze beschneidung im Westlichem ist halt alles im eimer Sehr sehr schade drum entsprechend hab ich das spiel auch nun endgültig deinstalliert da ich nichteinmal die volle Geschichte genießen kann...
  4. yeah i as an old role player have also my set on fixed characters with fixed names including first and surnames you cant forget, this is an anime styled game so thereare people bound to use the same narutard names all over again. i mean by the time i stopped playing there were like 5 different fairy tail guilds just on Bambusdorf alone....
  5. wie jetzt ich kann die story also nur in einer riesen gruppe beenden? Wie scheiße is das denn? Da kann ich den kampf ja nichtmal genießen mit den fps problemen -.- Aber ich schließe mich einigen an. Nach der story fliegt das spiel, da is nix mehr zu retten
  6. Heh, some of the boss musics, especially Jinsoyouns were made by Jamie Christopherson. The dude who made Meta Gear Rising, and it shows =P
  7. Well...as good as the OST in general is it pains to see the game decline so rapidly, Back in like 2007 i was hellbent on playing it when i was 17 and saw the very first trailer there were. THen realized: They wont ship it to europe Then it went off my radar for so many years. Been extremly happy to see it arriving here in the west finally but got bitterly dissapointed again and again with the crippled storyline, the millions of bots and hacks. In all my years of MMO playin ive never experienced so many hacks because of the bad handling of a client, not even Drag
  8. Just logged in to quote and upvote. So much truth in just one sentance =3
  9. na also DAS is schon meckern auf GANZ hohem niveau xD
  10. (edited) Well i remember the male lyn topic but i just dont get what kind of violation that would be if the "Show off your character" thread is also still around *shakes head* Well tbh im not suprised at all, i havent even logged in recently, the problems are getting out of hand and the story got crippled hard, there is not even a reason to go online anymore with the same tedious things to do every day. (and also cant even do most of the "new" events due to fps problems~)
  11. (edited) what?! They closed a screenshot thread about Male Toons? Wtf? xDD
  12. ich tippe auf fehlerhafte noch nicht implementierte features späterer versionen die durch diverse kleinigkeiten jetzt schon "vorhanden" ist wie die waffen des soulfighters der irgendwann später erst released wird
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