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  1. There is already a way to hide the buffs from weapon stacks/soul cd, if you go into options > Status info > check use buff graph and the bar below it that says to not show buff graph stats on the status effect bar.
  2. Many people enjoy setting up savings for goals, as well as putting hard caps on the amount of gold they are physically carrying to prevent accidentally bidding over intended amounts. While I haven't seen it much lately, it had been very common to try and "trick" people into bidding accidentally, larger amounts than is reasonable for items, and quickly passing before that person had a chance to leave party. Having the ability to "store" excess gold would help prevent against situations like that. That being said, it's just their suggestion, you don't really have to agree or dis
  3. DST "easy" mode still has instant death mechanics when the unclaimed puddles explode, this is different from the floor's DoT. While not a boss "enrage" I would submit that it falls under the same category as an enrage, and would love for it to be reduced to damage rather than one shot.
  4. That's highly doubtful, but an exchange I've been hoping for, and I'm sure many people agree, would be to exchange naksun badges for floor 13 tickets. Since it's about a 50/50 chance to drop off the boss there, it's not uncommon to eventually run out of tickets, and especially now that 100 bundle is removed, being able to exchange x amount of badges for tickets seems ideal. Even early Mushin had the floor 5 ticket or whatever, you could exchange for.
  5. a lot of that depends on resources you have access to. Truly new to the game, your best bet is to focus on running Ebondrake Citadel, Desolate Tomb, Naryu Foundry, and Naryu Sanctum regularly to start stockpiling draken cores. After running any of these 10 times and with 200 cores to exchange you can start getting some legendary accessories to equip. Belt + neck + bracelet, ignore ring and earring. For the ring and earring, you should go for the elemental purple quality earring/ring for the element you play. Rings drop in Desolate Tomb, earrings drop in Naryu Sanctum.
  6. I just did this upgrade like yesterday. It's a visual display bug, it does not reset your slots using the void frag path. If it were going to reset your slots it would ask you to unsocket your gems first, however it doesn't, so it's safe to upgrade and you'll keep or gain more if you aren't at 6. I was concerned about this too until I looked into it. Dawnforged is a huge improvement over bale 12.
  7. A week isn't much, I did over 100 runs just to get accursed staff, finally gave up and used a key on the box, still haven't pulled an accursed staff from any of the boxes i've gotten since. Although it costs 3 keys, at least it has a good chance to also drop on the loot table itself.
  8. Pretty sure sending a ticket won't get you anywhere, gotta farm the dungeon for two chances to drop it, or buy the keys.
  9. Pretty sure that stage in the weapon progression previously required a True Profane stage 10 weapon to continue the legendary upgrade. It later got switched to Asura weapon, but I think they kept the 3 keys to sort of "balance" the cost for those that already used a true profane weapon to get there.
  10. that's awesome news! I was just starting to stockpile some hmc
  11. There already are character alteration tickets in the hongmoon store for 1,000 n/hmc
  12. There is a 6man party entrance in the blackram shipyard area, same with bloodshade, just look around.
  13. Since the update on the weapons progression system, there are several *NEW* weapons to use. However these weapons aren't account bound despite being available to use as skins, so any veteran player is missing out. The list of new weapons are: Bamboo Guard Weapon Sablesteel Weapon Frostbite Weapon Valiant Weapon Skyhaven Weapon Please find a way to implement these into the game so that everyone can enjoy them. If possible, an easy method would be to update the various weapon merchants at these level stages to also carry these.
  14. Did you or a friend manage to obtain it recently specifically on the NA server?
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