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  1. Hello, I have the lvl 60 voucher in my mail, when I try and open or take into my inventory, it tells me to use the character lobby, when I got to character lobby and click it, there is a pop up that comes up https://gyazo.com/ea73bd1a7ced3bdb7f2786084d334388 I clicked confirm with toon selected that I want to boost but nothing happens.. has anyone been able to get this to work?
  2. Would lovvveee.... Lunar/Solar Eclipse Heavenly Match Colorful Silks White Angel Idk what...are Velvet Rope+Adorment Joybringer
  3. Really? No one else wants this outfit to be for sale too =/
  4. Ooh, looks like we can deconstruct the whole prayer beads; into the 10 individual beads and the Tranquility Emblem into the ten Tranquility Emblem fragments!
  5. If you hit "U" your achievement list comes up and you go to Combat, Dungeons, then sort by area if you know it, then look for said achievement
  6. I have a question. Golden Harvest Crate, I can't open them bc of the mats. The Mew Coins...idk what those are as of yet or how to get them, so will have to look that up, but one roadblock at a time. Is there a way to deconstruct the whole prayer beads; into the 10 individual beads? Is there a way to deconstruct a whole Tranquility Emblem into the ten Tranquility Emblem fragments? ty4 the help
  7. Please make this available for sale =) It's a very lovely Winter Christmas/Holiday dress
  8. Yea it's a huge road block for me, all my jewelry and my weapon, is at a halt bc I can't make a prem stones and they're too spendy to buy. I just switched to my WL, done with peaches and did BT for her, so she's quickly getting there as well. Time to go play FF14 for a month or w/e they fix it. I'll pop in here for weekly updates, ty.
  9. I got 25 boxes. Kept two demoniac, one strickly buz, daywatch, overtime and a rising sun (from rosethorn box), bc I wanted the carp pet from this box. The rosethorn and stuff from the vendor for 25 Designer threads imo, was spendy af for accessories. No cop ( i don't like the cop one tho) urban pieces at all. I turned in 20 tokens for the crown...it was btwn that or full kitty outfit, the crown/hair won out.
  10. @Kozuki Yea, I saw your post 'Suggestions for Frozen Firing Range event' but not all the events will reap the same rewards. I got the impression this thread is in appreciation of the current one. If I find an event untasteful or not worth the effort I go play another game till there is one worth it for me. This one, imo, is the most rewarding one yet, but I know that won't always be the case.
  11. I am very happy with this event as well! The dungeon is fun and doesn't inta burn you if you load in after every one else. The boss has mechs, but not too hard of ones, and looks swag in his rainbow hair 'n hat, lol. I already have my mains pet to awakeed, but on my Lock toon, I am at stage 6 and working to get the 50 left to max it. Also love the outfits! & the new wheel back accessory! Ty, Great job!!
  12. yes https://gyazo.com/72020d0b1187525a6ab5648604ae60e5
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