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  1. My most funniest PARODY Video yet, hope you enjoy watching & have a Laugh! :D
  2. [Disclaimer] ~ I just want to say 1st of all "No Offense to the Summoners out there. xD" OK guys so some of you liked watching my Junghado PARODY Video (waiting to see more) so I decided to make another one based on the Summoner Class, which I found really funny myself watching this. ^^ Anyway I hope you guys can all sit back, grab a Snack and Enjoy watching this one as I took a lot of time to make this one. "This Video is brought to you by: [Blade & Soul TV - Channel 9]" {Video}:
  3. Soo True :D That's why I found it interesting to see you guys reactions, still Fun to see what the Community think. :)
  4. Yeah I agree with you too on that one, we learn so much more from the Game than the Anime but aside from the problems with the Game just enjoying the Story Quests is fun to watch for me. :)
  5. Seems the Anime really wasn't worth watching after all :D
  6. To be honest I mainly only enjoyed the 'Jinsoyun' fights :D and learning a bit more about 'Yereha' (El Karen) which got really crazy & tragic. However aside from those situations yeah I wasn't really enthusiastic about watching it at all, I even got to the point where I got bored & just wanted to stop watching but I decided to just finish it since it's only 13 Episodes long so I didn't mind. It's really good to see all of your Opinions about this Anime, Thank You guys for sharing. :) It just goes to show "It really isn't worth watching as much, since the Game Cutscenes j
  7. Hi Everyone, MASSBLADE here! So just yesterday I finished watching the Blade & Soul [ANIME] which was not too bad to be honest, still enjoyed it even for a '13' Episode long Anime. However what I want to know is how many of you guys have watched or even known about the Anime of this Game... So i'm going to start a little Number Vote for some insight on this cause i'm just curious. :D [Number Vote Details]: (Type your Number to respond accordingly! You can also add a Comment next to it if you wish)
  8. Damn I can understand how hard it is, honestly iv'e seen a lot of people telling me that the chances are very slim to succeed in upgrading those Fish, that's how I knew I got super lucky in the 1st place.
  9. Yeah I know what you mean, wish you best of luck! :) & yeah RNG is total BS. ^^
  10. Am I the only one who is mind-blown by that Hongmoon Energy Stage 5!!!!!! :O #Pay2Win However it is true that the Staff this Summoner's using is the only thing that is super Troll lmao, but all the rest is OP Gear... Like DAMN! O.o
  11. Awesome! Gratz on that by the way, with only 50 Corals used that's a lot of profit you just made from that. :D
  12. Yeah I was going to aim for that too but then I realized that x500 is a pretty long way to go sadly, will take a really long time before actually being able to fail that many Fish to reach x500. However this Event will last a long time so might as well go for it, I think it's like 40-something Days left now not too sure.
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