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  1. lmao wow ^^ well it's nice to see your creative *Thumbs Up* to that :D Nice one! & gz :)
  2. I feel for you man :( I know that feeling when it feels hopeless that it will never show up... But just keep trying that Red Chest can just pop up at any random time. After doing over 200+ Runs there's no point giving up now when you have come that far or all that hard work for nothing =/
  3. Yeah it really can. also Gratz for getting it twice though :)
  4. At the last minute of Yesterdays farm I just wanted to SLEEP. ^^
  5. Yeah =/ seems that way. Well I guess my luck sucks THAT bad.
  6. So there's this one Face Costume that I really wanted for my 'Warlock' which turned out to give me a lot of trouble (it's only Blue Grade) and it took me 267 Runs of [Goldleaf Foundry] to finally get the [Red Mask] from [Dusk Adder Overseer Furin]......... "TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN!!!!!!" *bruh!* like can someone please tell me why the Developers decided to smoke cocaine and do this??
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