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  1. I stopped reading about half way through the thread, but it seems people are missing the point: 25 solar energies is way too much for a single gem powder. Max gem isn't necessary? ok. Adding drops somewhere is better? sure. Etc? probably.. But still, none of that changes the point: 25 solar energies is waaay too much for a single gem powder! No one seems to dispute that, and "counter" arguments here are just "yes, but" topic diversions. The only players I can imagine buying that are new players who don't know any better, making it kind of a tourist trap.
  2. I don't understand the reasoning of locking a bunch of unique items in a merchant you can only access, at most, once a day. To make it worse, it is the only place (as far as I know) to convert MSP stones to their higher tiers. Why? Why do I have to run between MSP and CS like that? Except I can't even do that since I'm locked out of CS after once a day there.. So let's say, for example, a player wants to buy a VT soul-shield piece with verdant stones. Since they have thousands of them; Go into MSP, check the price of the piece you need, leave and get (hopefully) what you ne
  3. In case it wasn't mentioned here yet, here is the response by NC's Cyan in a reddit post in the matter: In my humble opinion, this is no justification for such a drastic move. There are reasonable ways to inform new players. I think the path was clear enough and, frankly, players who lost their patience at that point would probably not have lasted long in this game anyway. The world of BnS is huge and beautiful, these quests are the only time players visit most of it before slamming into endgame where they will be doing the exact same few things day after day after day... so what's
  4. Agreed. Didn't read the whole thread but I concur on the general sentiment. Either give the old soul/pet some worth or announce officially it well never happen so we can dump it. More generally speaking, I think all gear should be salvageable for some(!) of what went into it. If I get the next tier accessory, the old one is trash unless it's level 10 and can be made into a crux. Tough even if it's just level 6, a lot of resources went into it. It feels really wasteful. That's why I loved that old Hongmoon gear system, where you just kept progressing the same piece.
  5. How about giving it a fail-safe bar like in the awakened soul event? For example, if you failed 4 times straight you get a guaranteed success on the 5th.
  6. Around 180~200 ms and 20~30 fps usually. Can get worse on occasion. I did learn and practice my animation cancel. Simple mode does it way better than I ever could. Yes I have Courage badge, and I know how it works :) X being the trigger for both courage and bracelet effect is all the more reason for me to want control over it. For the vast majority of time I'm in draw stance, sure. But there are instances where I want to be in basic stance, like if I want to attack from further back, or do non single-target attacks. More importantly on that- basic stance exits, it
  7. Agreed. I don't know if I should upgrade anything at this point since who knows next event will bring. Even without events, I believe gear should be salvageable for at least some of what went into it.
  8. It's actually just a temporary cost reduction through event. If an actual permanent discount happens remains to be seen. and if you're already raven there's hardly any cost reduction for you, if at all. Those are for the crystal elements. No one ever complained about a shortage of those. The issue is gold, which you need a lot of to progress but is increasingly harder to get. You have it the wrong way around. you actually *used to* be able to farm raw materials, but now you can (almost) only buy them. The availability, droprate and requirements of everything is determined by
  9. Title. do not abbreviate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Personal feedback: Since my ping and fps are too shi**y to properly anicancel, simple mode is actually a nice increase in dps for me. Though it seems to do some odd pauses and skips sometimes, so if you do have decent performance you can probably do better without it. That's regarding the flicker-flash anicancel, the rest of the "rotation" done by simple mode is so baffling I'm not sure what was the thought process behind it. Mainly- X is used whenever it's up. Despite what it shows in the skill menu, whatever(!) the situatio
  10. What is this change even supposed to achieve? At best- Moonstone prices will go down a bit and other materials will go up a bit. Pods, oils and transtones will stay the same ultrahigh price. More likely- Everything will keep going up. Moonstones will go up a tad slower. Why are they so vehemently against raising the supply for raw materials? Or taking any other (reasonable) action in the matter? The state of the economy for the past few months has been beyond dreadful and it's consistently getting worse. Call me crazy but this seems like a high priority issue that s
  11. I feel your pain op, was in the same situation until not long ago, when I finally made it to Raven 6. Having spent an absurd amount as punishment for choosing Riftwalk when it was the cheaper way to get to Raven6 and Stormdragon didn't exist. Rift/Dawn path should either be balanced in cost or eliminated. right now it's just a much more expensive path for a weaker weapon, that only leads into Stormdragon, which is the next tier of trap weapon. While Raven is not only stronger it is also cheaper and the only path leading to Aransu. Yes, it does cost much more. The numbers are r
  12. It doesn't really take long. and the 100-bundle may have been barely existent, but the 10 actually had a decent rate. Even 1 orb is good value, with today's prices, for such an easy dungeon. It's also nice to have a bit of variety some times. But that's not point. If "there are more efficient things to do" is reason for removal, then you can remove 90% of content in the game. Same goes for "It's kinda old and sorta being phased out". So why remove specifically this one thing? As said by posters above, this change is likely meant to deny a low level source for raw materials. They obviously
  13. It was confirmed in another post that the Ghost In The Shell outfit will now drop from Be Ido. Is that also true for the rest of that chest’s content? Otherwise I don’t understand the rationale behind removing it. Out of the dozens of obsolete old items in the game. I mean, doesn’t the 10-piece chest still exist in Naryu Labyrinth? aka older shittier Sundered Nexus? Seems very oddly specific to “phase out” this one thing, that is actually relevant and useful to some players. Just.. why? Who’s it hurting?
  14. I don't understand why it's being removed. There are sooo many outdated items and tokens in the game, why take out one that's actually good for some players?
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