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  1. Sundered Nexus Chest Removal

    It doesn't really take long. and the 100-bundle may have been barely existent, but the 10 actually had a decent rate. Even 1 orb is good value, with today's prices, for such an easy dungeon. It's also nice to have a bit of variety some times. But that's not point. If "there are more efficient things to do" is reason for removal, then you can remove 90% of content in the game. Same goes for "It's kinda old and sorta being phased out". So why remove specifically this one thing? As said by posters above, this change is likely meant to deny a low level source for raw materials. They obviously won't admit that, so they're selling a story that no one is buying. uhm, allegedly..
  2. It was confirmed in another post that the Ghost In The Shell outfit will now drop from Be Ido. Is that also true for the rest of that chest’s content? Otherwise I don’t understand the rationale behind removing it. Out of the dozens of obsolete old items in the game. I mean, doesn’t the 10-piece chest still exist in Naryu Labyrinth? aka older shittier Sundered Nexus? Seems very oddly specific to “phase out” this one thing, that is actually relevant and useful to some players. Just.. why? Who’s it hurting?
  3. Sundered Nexus Chest Outfit

    I don't understand why it's being removed. There are sooo many outdated items and tokens in the game, why take out one that's actually good for some players?
  4. Beastbog changes

    Agreed. The hp "reduction" is absolutely absurd. I would love to hear the rationale behind that decision.
  5. RIP with Rift

    Indeed it is not possible. I can understand that. (though it was a couple of months, not a year). Still- why is Raven cheaper all the way if it's the stronger weapon? what's even the point of Rift\Dawn now? Either make that path relevant or remove it. I don't know where you got that sentiment, I didn't ask for anything for free. If anything, players now get easily past me with Raven, having put less effort than me and getting more.
  6. RIP with Rift

    I upgraded to Riftwalk3 several months back, before the Raven discount was announced, after being told it's a legit path for a light BD. and if I remember correctly it was actually cheaper to get to Raven through Rift6. I then didn't play for a while, and came back some time ago to learn that raven is now a lot cheaper. So on top of being the weaker weapon (I think?) Rift is now also more expensive.. I asked support for a revert so I may get unscrewed, but was denied. Because the upgrade was too long ago apparently. Pardon my salty tears but this is really not fair. I'm stuck on the forgotten weapon path, that is still so expensive to evolve, while Raven keeps getting cheaper, despite being better. Reeealy hoping final patch notes will throw a bone for those inflicted with this issue.
  7. Upgrades

    My 2 copper: No I don't think Draken accessories need to be given straight out of story. Draken dungeons are mind-numbingly easy and shouldn't be an issue for a new player to farm. That, on top of how much cheaper early weapon upgrades have become, makes the initial progression easy and simple enough. Besides, why the rush? Play the game, enjoy and achieve. No one is chasing you and there's always going to be something to work for. If you're looking for instant gratification you're in the wrong game. Time and effort will reward you with not only digital materials, but also some sense of accomplishment :)
  8. -Extreme Faction Imbalances-

    Agreed. As Cerulean in EU I can't even touch the ground in SSP. I don't understand how excluding half the playerbase from profitable content is acceptable. Suggestion: Limit the chests and prestige one can get in there per day. This will give more people a chance of getting some profit, without overflowing the materials in game.
  9. Obsidian Serpent Outfit

    I don't think that's an apt comparison, I'm not opposing advancement (kek),, but I get the sentiment. I just feel it cheapens time and effort spent. Imagine you work for months on a mad-scientist title achievement, and the next day people can just buy it in store.. Though as I said, I'm all for a feature that gives better chances the more you tried, for those not in favor with the gods of RNG. When I see another player with fetid-mask I want to know that they earned it ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ And for male Lyns, there's an extra special bond between owners of the mighty grave-robber set (☞゚ヮ゚)☞ ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
  10. Naryu silver farming?

    In Celestial Basin, each area has a mini boss that (as far as I know) drops Naryu silver every time. I can't remember what they're called, but they're unique in their area so shouldn't be hard to find and farm by channel hopping.
  11. Obsidian Serpent Outfit

    Gonna be selfish here, but I actually rather it wasn't brought to store. Obsidian serpent, infinite challenge, secret agent, etc.. People (me) spent alooooot of time getting those, and having them suddenly just appear in store\merchant feels really unfair. I do support the idea of some chance-increasing mechanism, that makes the drop more likely the more times you ran it.

    Try being Cerulean on EU server. Can't even get your nose in there.
  13. More Hairstyles?

    Just in general I'd be happy for more options in customization.
  14. The awful burden of storage has been lifted. Also I can now fool around with all my different outfits all day :) Kinda went under the radar somehow, but this is easily the most significant change in the latest patch. Took a while but it seems some issues can indeed be addressed. So thank you.
  15. Suggestion update obsolete item

    There are ALOT of obsolete and useless items. But you're never sure what you can throw, because maybe they'll suddenly descide it can be exchanged for something valuable.. A serious overhaul is needed.