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  1. More difficult events are good!

    The main reward is just so uninteresting though. Yay more oils! When on the other hand the Resurgence Emblems allow you to get a 3part TT that you otherwise simply cannot get unless you raid/buy a carry.
  2. Thanks

    Punishing like it's not real difficulty or challenge that you can overcome by getting better at the game, you just have to overcome some arbitrary dps check that only gear can bring, otherwise it's pointless to even try.
  3. Thanks

    I'd be fine with a much larger enrage timer and same difficulty overall. This enrage is just way too punishing, what's the point?
  4. More difficult events are good!

    Are you kidding ? Octo gems / 3 part TT SS are incredible rewards for many ppl, except those that are already TT geared and can actually do the event. The whole thing makes no sense.