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  1. the stuff i signed up for last month? i signed up on both my accounts, but neither one ever got a code or anything.
  2. yup, events are starting to suck... and it's by design. if you can get everything you need as event rewards, you're not spending money in the cash shop. this is a whale's game. your options are be a whale or find another game. free to play has killed the mmo.
  3. because getting 5 other randos in f8 to do mechs is a pain in the ass. high dps is the best mechs.
  4. alt friendly events don't make people go to f10 and buy ncoin. doing things the community likes doesn't make them any money, and this game has hemorrhaged so many players, ncwest is just cash grabbing before the game completely dies.
  5. how about if we could craft the keys to open the boxes with rare elements... because i have like 900 of those useless damn things.
  6. QoL improvements? like rolling back the gold nerf? and reducing materials cost for upgrades? how about a pass through transmuting and crafting and adjusting materials costs for those? how about eliminating the soulstone crystal requirement for adding primers to shields? and you still haven't done anything about the elder dragon jewel and element procs from transmuting element and jewel packages. there is literally nothing left in the game that they can be used on. ND FFS ADD SOME ACTUAL USABLE "INCREDIBLE ITEMS" TO THE PEACH VENDOR IN CELESTIAL BASIN! stop with the pay to win bs. all its
  7. do your story quests. that'll take you to hm 10, at least. do your purple quests. do your orange quests to open raid content. do your daily challenge, every day. grind dungeons for gold. go to celestial basin and grind peaches till you have everything you need from the peach vendor. then grind more dungeons.
  8. this is not an open world game. zones are linear, just like progression. windwalking is more than sufficient to get you from point a to point b.
  9. For all the extra Naryu Coins I got (which is all I got) from this event. Now I have even more useless junk to use on absolutely nothing, as rewards for participating in in-game events. This event is garbage, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for even coming up with the idea, let alone implementing it.
  10. where the hell are they getting all these soulstone crystals? sacreds i understand. my warden is a month old, already has over a thousand of em. if was to add up how many i have across all my characters, it'd be well over ten thousand. soulstone crystals, not so much. everything uses soulstone crystals... transmuting... soulstone crystals. crafting... soulstone crystals. dragon express... soulstone crystals. equipment upgrades... soulstone crystals.
  11. all that does is make it harder to level new characters... new players get hosed. it doesn't help to grow a playerbase. the opposite is true. new players will get burnt out in frustration and go find something else to play.
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