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  1. outlaw island crash

    Same thing, with exactly same file, was happening to me when enter Brood Chamber. Repair was just recreating file with zero length. Ended with copying same file form german folder, that fixed it.
  2. I just can't be arsed to spam CS resets again to craft my oils, I was doing it 2-3 years ago and got more than enough demon spirit stones. Its dumb and boring and... At start I taught its just mistake they didn't add exchange for those items, but now I see its all "smart" business plan to make us spend money on "new" stuff, buy resets, trove more... Well it wont work on me, subscription already canceled.
  3. Promissed or not, they can't just erase years of someone work and make us farm exactly same thing over again from scratch.
  4. Well if that's it, time to go 100% f2p and start looking slowly for another game where I wont feel bad to spend money.
  5. Sure it would be better they told us so we try to lower our loss. Just what I want to point out is that thing that our community coordinator said here, that this is "by design", makes zero sense. If so "design" is greatly flawed.
  6. It's not miscommunication that's problem here. What if they informed us correctly this items will be phased out without exchange? Would that be all good? It simply makes no sense to do it without proper exchange, its is not items that are not needed, but crucial one to craft most important/demanded material in game (sacred oil). Not to mention that this move makes new event pointless, removing item that's required for the new event is just total nonsense.
  7. This is just outrageous. So yesterday I could craft oils today i can't, even tho we was informed that this items will be exchanged for new ones. I'm paying player ever since game is out, and I promise you will not ever again invest single penny in this game if I don't get this items compensated.
  8. Farewell Blade & Soul!

    You can't compare Nexon and NCSOFT, I have played Vindictus for years even tho Nexon is by far most incompetent gaming company that ever existed (still remember waiting 3+ months to get replay on ticket when I lost very expensive item coz of their server crash, not even to mention that infamous server merge when they simply wiped out all EU accounts). I haven't been playing it coz of Belsazar, same as I don't play BnS coz of Jonathan or Bethany, but simply because I like the game. Personally I cant care less they are leaving, I haven't even been watching the streams, just read recap or patch notes that's all I need ;) And yes as you said game will die sooner or later simply because people getting bored of same game for long time, its getting old, new better games are coming out, thats just normal process how it goes.

    If stats have been adjusted why so many ppl are complaining? Seems they messed up that stats updating :/

    This is obviously issue that we got lvl55 boss stats without actually getting lvl 55, which will make raiding (VT) like impossible to do. Whats worrying is that this is not listed in known issues list. Can someone from staff take a look into this and list it as issue so we get fix asap?
  11. Soul Fighters Gameplay

    OP is wrong about most things stated here. Last skills change put many things in right place for frost PvE SF. Wont go over froststorm and chill thingie again because its explained already, and DPS wise with BT shields, mystic badge and bracelet its just great skill that deals tons of DPS and you are still supposed to spam it very often (just now without following dragonfist). And about draginfist, except being fun, it was useless skill before patch. With full MSP soul shield to get max DPS output you would never use it, but just continue your regular DPS rotation. Now dragonfist is serious burst skill that does tons of damage, of course you can not spam it every 10 seconds like before, but then, you didn't want to do it anyways because of low DPS. So except SS switch stance thing that is annoying until you get used to it and and missing approach on iron shoulder for PvP, skill changes are really good for SF. Maxed gear frost SF is (arguably) top DPS class now and even earth comes close and can deal decent DPS.
  12. People have no shame

    Lucky? Luck can happen few times, I'm talking form my everyday experience, can't be that lucky. We can meet and link achievements with number of runs if you insist ;) We are here generalizing and every generalization must have exceptions. But if we already generalize things, its total nonsense telling that high geared people don't know mechanics while newbies knows it. When i say high geared I'm supposing close to maxed gear (3dt + 3ec ss is NOT good gear ;)). All those high geared people had to spam some specific dungeon to get legendary accessory from it, you can't buy those with money you know, so telling that some HM 12/13 player with close to maxed gear have no idea about mechanic is just nonsense (one can be lucky and get it in first few runs, but its highly unlikely and won't happen for all dungeons for sure for same person). Anyways, if newbies are so good and good geared players sux big time, why you newbies just don't group together and enjoy smooth runs? Why all this crying how high geared people don't want to take you in parties? Newbies nowdays are already over-geared for dungeons we are talking about. You will never reach 9th lightning share in DT, or have to drive all 4 phases in NF for example, like old players had to do in their time. So its easy life for you, just do your stuff, stop crying and leave high-geared people alone ;)
  13. People have no shame

    Everyone should have right to chose how and with whom will be playing, and none should feel butthurted about it. Its not on you to judge others people reasons, just leave and find/make appropriate group that wants you.
  14. People have no shame

    Nothing to counter, I don't know where you finding those but i don't see them. And trust me I have been probably pugging F8 10x more than you ;) One stealth fail does not tell anything, could be simple lag or game freeze for some seconds. Good geared WL was probably expecting newbies around to be smart enough to let him get mark so he can dps, his fault not being careful and trusting in newbies ;)
  15. People have no shame

    Yes, and now they are joining no-drive NF overkills, while rest of us had to learn to drive all four phases. So much about this event is useful for new people.