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  1. Soul Fighter skill illusion not working
  2. Esp them to blame, yeah bugs can happpen: No Biggie! yeah, bugs can stay undetect: No Biggie! but this but was reported and NOT fixed for 5months+ after initially reported. Keeping the market in mind petpods lost huge chunk of value around Nov last year, making this bug almost a year old. If we now consider the people that noticed/got told took their sweet time getting pods, selling for profit, stacking up long before they started selling. Staff in itself have if only copypaste skill, since our dearest NC West staff cant do anything about the game. Its 100% KR at fault for neglectin
  3. So NCThieves stole my own not exploited pet pods and my own designer threads that i obtained with using real money and refuse to return stolen goods. Well, enjoy it, thieves :)
  4. Are you for real? Don't you understand that its like a month since thing happened? How doing this now will change anything to put things straight and fair?
  5. Result is quite opposite. I didn't abuse "exploit" (which is actually not exploit but nvm that), but ncsoft handling of this issue made me feels stupid that i didnt, so next time, even if i will not play the game, ill login just to "abuse" it to the maximum :)
  6. To be honest its not devs to blame for this. Bugs like this will happen in complex game like this, its inevitable. Problem is how ncwest is managing the game and their inability to respond to this properly and at right time. Ncwest needs to have staff that have some other skills except "communication skills" ;)
  7. Not true. My account got pet pods removed and i have made ZERO pet pods by using merchant (not exploit but your mistake).
  8. Well have fun :) I cant care enough tbh. For me this is like, i had fun in some pub but service eventually became crap, waitress started bringing warm drinks, stealing money on bills etc. Would you be sad and pissed or just go to other pub? ;)
  9. And guys just stop explaining things. They don't listen and don't care and in the end have no means to fix this mess even if they want. Go cancel your subs instead, that's only language they understand.
  10. @Hime I'm pretty sure you can check my payment record in last 4 years. Your company will never get single euro form me ever again. Not because i care about that couple pet pods, but because I don't like being "punished" when i actually did not abuse anything. Even without that, your incompetence in managing game is so huge that if i would put aside this personal "insult" form you, you definitely don't deserve any money for the "work" you are doing.
  11. If you are HM<18 you don't need this dungs. Don't be lazy, play the game actually and you will get all you need. My alt is HM22 lol. Things don't drop from sky in asian mmo "f2p" games, you need to invest time and/or money, thats how it goes.
  12. Even today i see ppl selling pet pods for 70g, which means that this "purge" actually did nothing good. Ones who abused it most sure knew to mail all to another character or account.
  13. Well everything will "drain" eventually. Even oils would. That does not change fact that company that lets something like this to happen (ie. let some players obtain for free something that others had to invest money / work) is not really good motivation for players to invest either real money or work in future.
  14. It would cost them dearly if they do that. Obviously this game uses pay to progress as motivating factor for players to spend money. Devaluation of second most important item for that progress is very demotivating for targets of this concept (read: players that spend money). Just imagine it like this: Why I was / should spend money on this when ncsoft is / will give it for free anyways.
  15. I have suggestion too. Voodoo magic! Use voodoo magic! Only that can help to fix this mess ;)
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