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  1. This will be my final look once I get lucky with rng.
  2. Kind of like the things on the legs better anyway
  3. You know a new game is about $60 or if google is correct 60 euros right? Yes this is a fine system although outfits do need to be account bound.
  4. That's greedy? Aside from the mail thing if its true, everything looks perfect to throw in the store for people who like the game and want to support it. Would you rather them throw a weapon that can 1 shot people, because that's the only thing left they can really throw in, congrats your complaining made the game pay 2 win. Inventory isn't an issue once you figure out what to do with your items, outfits are cosmetics you don't have to buy them. Grinding? Yes the party system needs an update but you are complaining about grinding in an mmo?
  5. I think perfect world had better graphics, been a while since I played, and I believe that is an older game then this one. Less loading screens too, really whats up with the loading screens.
  6. Why do you think I said I hated guild wars 2?
  7. Terrible launch, bad translations, poor tutorial, graphics and game play outdated. It may be an "old game being released in the west" but that really doesn't matter. The reviews are there for people to know should you play this game over this game and in the current state guild wars 2 would be a better choice and I hated guild wars 2. I do believe it will get better though which is why I'm sticking around for a bit.
  8. Plug in ethernet cable, game doesn't seem to like wifi
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