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  1. No you don't you can level up by pvp
  2. This will be my final look once I get lucky with rng.
  3. Need more support for this! Did find another good outfit though, fragrance of life.
  4. It is? Not seeing any way to counter it aside from let the enemy get up without attacking them
  5. Kind of like the things on the legs better anyway
  6. Preference is opinion but yes this is how I saw his comment which is why I am confused as to his response.
  7. Interesting you are saying this. Why then are you saying you don't want me to play a male that dresses like a female? Isn't that my opinion and I have the right to it?
  8. I'm glad you liked it so much you are speechless. I amaze myself sometimes too, don't let it get to you.
  9. Update on my thoughts on assassins. Still op, they cant quite 100-0 perma stun like a kfm can (or used to dont know about the nerf now) but they come dam close. The main issue I've been finding is there uncounterable flash bang and an outrageously low cool down and what does it do? Grants them stealth, makes it so you cant see a thing, makes it so you cant cast for a second, check check and check. This is a hell of a lot of power for something that can get you out of any thing, and I haven't exactly timed it so sorry if this isn't 100% correct, but its a 5 second cool down. Looking at other es
  10. Such as? Only reason I see MMOs stay alive is purely because of the fashion, the pvp in all of them people just stop caring about and PvE dungeon runs eventually become a cake walk. New dungeons would spark interest momentarily like fashion would but the difference is they can make money off fashion, they cant off of dungeons, in a truly free to play game that is. Money keeps the game running.
  11. Yes, this is the route I decided to go this time. I usually play female lyn type classes because the males look way to stupid cute in other mmos that have a similar race like the developer thought "everyone will just play female anyway why try". This time I really loved the look of males so thought "ya Ill play male this time, but I've play so many females up to now it just feels wrong" thus trap was the perfect answer.
  12. I'm more after the "I'm not sure what gender" type of outfits but skirts are fine too.
  13. Because this got burred by bots I'm bumping it.
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