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  1. No you don't you can level up by pvp
  2. This will be my final look once I get lucky with rng.
  3. Need more support for this! Did find another good outfit though, fragrance of life.
  4. No, the first week of the game made it quite clear this will die pretty fast.
  5. It is? Not seeing any way to counter it aside from let the enemy get up without attacking them
  6. Kind of like the things on the legs better anyway
  7. People if you steal aggro stop being stupid and running away from the mob, walk circles around it sure but the more you run away the longer it takes for the team to kill meaning the more damage you will take in the end. Also if you guys would all revive people when they are restoring chi it does instantly revive them so ya start doing that as a party too.
  8. Read somewhere that the big kaboom happens after 5 minutes but I swear the orb says nope in only 2. Get the boss down to 30% which is no where near the goal, was the info I got wrong?
  9. There only real reliable counter to this class was forcegrip/x for daze. Now they are immune to it? Good balance patch right there!
  10. How many points for it? Haven't found it on wiki or any other site and not wasting my time looking it up anymore.
  11. So its worthless and even if these accessories come out its still worthless?
  12. As a blade dancer? I read my tab can do it if speced for it and I do have it speced to parry but its just not working
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