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  1. I play open world pvp not the crappy 1v1 arena and from what I've seen assassins are way to strong in pvp. Invisibly that you cant counter, last a ridiculously long time and a flash bang blind that you also cant counter. People say the counter to flash bang is look away but if you look away that means you aren't hitting them so they don't need to use it. They also say the counter to invisibility is you can somewhat see them but in open world pvp there are to many things going on and to many directions they can run to so no you really cant see it. One more thing I'm unsure of but they may be able to go invisible wait until combat ends and then take off there outfit if they are losing.
  2. We currently only have my angel, which looks hilarious on gon and dark sandstorm which only looks somewhat feminine on lyns. Give me more dam it, I made my character to look a little female for a reason and I cant find anything that looks good for him! Found another one still need some more though, fragrance of life
  3. I'm a level 21 blade dancer and I have my weapon as maxed out as it can get, everything else doesn't seem to really give me much but I have been leveling them up as much as I can too. I have about 2k hp. Then I ran into another blade dancer who was level 20 and had 3k hp, other classes i've seen are about 3k-4k right now. What have I missed?
  4. Also do I have to wear the outfit to get them? Want the crimson blade so I can change my weapons appearance but google has nothing about them.
  5. Croak kings court??

    I press F8 go to this nice little thing called cross server dungeon, search for this party dungeon, fail to find it. Where the hell is it, this dungeon is hard as *cricket* and its not like there are many people at my level anymore, they are either doing pure pvp or quit the game.
  6. Mainly to force masters

    People if you steal aggro stop being stupid and running away from the mob, walk circles around it sure but the more you run away the longer it takes for the team to kill meaning the more damage you will take in the end. Also if you guys would all revive people when they are restoring chi it does instantly revive them so ya start doing that as a party too.
  7. How do you stop Gatekeeper Slashimi?

    As a blade dancer? I read my tab can do it if speced for it and I do have it speced to parry but its just not working
  8. Cerulean master sergeant

    How many points for it? Haven't found it on wiki or any other site and not wasting my time looking it up anymore.
  9. Forced to PVP

    No you don't you can level up by pvp
  10. so gold?

    Whats it used for and why would I spend 20 hours making it?
  11. So summoner cats are now immune?

    There only real reliable counter to this class was forcegrip/x for daze. Now they are immune to it? Good balance patch right there!
  12. Show off your characters!!

    This will be my final look once I get lucky with rng.
  13. Need more feminine outfits for males

    Need more support for this! Did find another good outfit though, fragrance of life.
  14. No, the first week of the game made it quite clear this will die pretty fast.
  15. From the looks of things assassins need a nerf

    It is? Not seeing any way to counter it aside from let the enemy get up without attacking them
  16. Pale Stalker censored?

    Kind of like the things on the legs better anyway
  17. Read somewhere that the big kaboom happens after 5 minutes but I swear the orb says nope in only 2. Get the boss down to 30% which is no where near the goal, was the info I got wrong?
  18. Basically you press it and hope you get lucky.
  19. Outfit wishlist

    All for female makes me sad
  20. so gold?

    So its worthless and even if these accessories come out its still worthless?
  21. so gold?

    No one answer this yet?
  22. They are the most annoying shit to make. Have to wait hours to a single sap to make a single pick, then you have to go out of your way to find a rock to mine to (assuming) get a single rock and you need 5. Then you need to wait ours to get that single sap again to make the item you need. And that's not even mentioning the sea shells, mud, and poison you need.
  23. So where is my archer class

    Plenty of npc use guns and bows yet we have no class that can use this. The limited selection of ranged characters really such and make, making a new character hard since all the melee feel more or less the same. Summoner isn't what I would classify as a ranged type because of the pet so all we have is force master.
  24. So where is my archer class

    Had an interesting day today, decided I would go to mushins tower. First floor there are banners of the different classes you can chose to fight. Saw an archer banner, tables started flipping.