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  1. Hallo, I watched the stream just now and they were a bit vague about what would happen to TT accessoires that were not yet stage 10 or awakened. Do you get the new accessoire (with mystic stat) at stage 6 if you salvage a stage 6 TT acc for example, or does it become useless? I'd like to know so I know whether to upgrade now or for potentially reduced cost after patch. Thank you in advance for the answer. Kind regards, Cauli
  2. Will we get to change our accesoires, soul badges and mystic badges for free just like in KR?
  3. - Keep doing the story (yellow quests) - Keep buying the Light Weapon Chest with Naryu Silver until you get one with 6-8 slots. Do not upgrade your Seraph weapon before then. - Do PvP and get the Hongmoon skills for your class - Do daily challenge each day - Do weekly challenge each week - Do Tower of Memory and Hongsil's event dungeon every day. Use the event tokens to get Sacred Vials - Once you finish the story, look for some quests called "Know Thine Enemy" in your Journal (J) and do those - Use Draken Cores to get some accessoires (Bracelet first) -
  4. So yesterday my party did some first runs in DST hard mode and there's something awkward going on with the White Mask phase especially. When the White Masks spawn, they target 2 people: 1 person in the boss' melee range (creates line between Mask and this person) and 1 person to follow around, creating a driving situation simiar to SK. However, it quite regularly happens that the Mask connects to the wall, corridor or even the platform you jump down from to reach the boss. In this case, it still follows the closest person, but even if that person stays near the place the Mask connected to, the
  5. Kinda disappointed that there isn't a cost reduction for Aransu later stages, but more disappointed in still not getting a reduction in Pet Pods needed for pets, that **** is insane. Also the notes mention the amount of Legendary Gem hammers needed for slots 7 and 8 is 22 per stage, so 44 total. IIRC, on the KR server this differed between Baleful, Raven, Aransu and GC weapons; is the amount of gem hammers mentioned in the patch notes for a specific weapon stage, or do the sockets on all weapon stages cost the same?
  6. BNS NA/EU isn't doing very well, with a decrease in "performance" (yea Idk what that means, it's translated from KR) of 31% and 44% respectively. Mr. Kim stated that this was due to mis-reading western market demands. Honestly, if NCWest/Soft doesn't understand the issues players have with the game with thread after thread being posted on their forum and on reddit (including this one), it's pure incompetence, especially for hosts of a game that's in the top 10 profits for F2P PC games ($178M in 2017). 1. The servers are ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤, especially EU Jinsoyun. Ping is high, s
  7. I had the same problem (EU Jinsoyun server), and so do several other people on Discord. Already sent a ticket about this, waiting for the reply.
  8. I'd even argue that they could update the older dungeons like Naryu Labyrinth, Bloodshade Harbor, Supply Chain and the 4 moonwater blues with currently relevant rewards, updating the boss HP/level/damage and adding new mechanics to them. It's good content, which no one gets to see anymore, and it has better music than any dungeon after IF. And make the overworld somewhat relevant. There's this huge (and very beautiful) world which you only get to run through for the story or a screenshot session. Put overworld bosses like in Basin everywhere (off of the story path though, so newbi
  9. This is ridiculous for one of the most popular MMO's on the market. And no, it's not the players' ISP. Nearly everyone I spoke to is DCing regularly (i.e. every 10 minutes) and when you do manage to play, the game has random lagspikes lasting for anywhere between 2-10s, everything takes ages (opening a chest takes 10s, I waited 2 minutes at Mushin F19 for the doors to open, casting skills has a solid 1-2s delay). It's very hazardous to go into locked instances like this. Any weekly dungeon, Cold Storage and especially Kaari Lord (for the event) are at your own risk. I've already heard people w
  10. I'm a pretty shy person and had trouble going to discord at first too, but wouldn't say I have social anxiety. Do you get anxiety just from being in the Discord room, even without talking? If not, you could try to go there with your mic muted, so you don't have to talk. Get used to other people's voices and personalities first. Your clan leader might also find that sufficient for raids (I've been in TT raids where half of the raid was muted and just listened to the shot-callers, sometimes it's better if there aren't 12 people trying to talk through eachother). Alternatively, find s
  11. I agree that Pet Pods and Sacred Vials should be slightly easier to get than they are now, but your suggestion is simply overkill. Adding them to DC would mean people are able to get 70 oils/pods per week, which means it would only take a few weeks to max their soul/pet. Even if they're just added to weekly challenge, 10 oils per week for doing almost nothing is a LOT. I would personally have liked to see an item different from Sacred Vial to upgrade from True Cosmic to True Tiger. The reason these things are so expensive (this also goes for Premium Stones), is that new players, e
  12. It was kinda different with gems, because they were the only account-bound equipment item. People invested a lot of time/money into getting good gems hoping they'd be able to use them on all characters, which obviously involves mailing them around between characters a LOT (to the point you might as well not do anything on your alts because you'll lose gold mailing the gems). With Sacred Oils, well... Idk what other people do with them, but once I get them, I just send them over to my main once and that's it. The mailing cost increase isn't a big deal... but then again, it isn't a
  13. What were the exact numbers again for Taecheon? Somewhere in the range of 500k sustained DPS per person, or >700k if you count in the mech phases where you can barely DPS the boss. Heck, most raids don't even make those numbers with their mid players on Zulia.
  14. 1. Stop doing 6v6 2. Find a clan with nice people, or just generally some people to play with 3. Don't care about the latest content and upgrade at your own pace. All content will eventually be available to all players (either that, or the servers close). 4. Challenge yourself and your friends by trying stuff like EC solo/duo, NS duo, HH duo, etc. The enrage timers on these dungeons are lenient and what matters more is the execution of mechanics, so you can do it even if you don't have very high gear yet.
  15. +1 This is getting a bit ridiculous. I personally don't care about Bay Lee, but it sucks sitting 3h in Beastbog waiting for BBBB to spawn, just to not get credit on him because there are 20 other people. I'm saying this as someone with Aransu. If I hit BBBB I deal 250k damage with my first hit (1/6th of its HP) and get credit but if I don't manage to hit him within 0.5s, he just dies. Everytime he spawns there are maybe 5-6 people who get credit and 15 people who missed it. Up his HP to 15M at least, preferably back to the 32M he had before, or even increase it to 256M
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