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  1. Great move to finally award a Grand Celestial Weapon Stage 3 through the story! Now characters are able to do easy mode dungeons in f8 after they completed the storyline. However characters who completed it recently should have an option to obtain a GC 3 weapon as well. So please let them exchange their Exalted 3 weapon which they got from story to a GC 3. Maybe offer it as a once per character purchase on dragon express, same goes for the Grand Celestial Soul shield 8 pack. You might also consider upgrading the quality of the weapons available through martial tokens,
  2. After not playing the game for about a year, I decided to come back to the game. As a Blademaster with full VT gear I wanted to switch to the new specialisation and wanted change my gear accordingly. So I searched the internet and found out about Junsorei the Coin Exchange Merchant who was supposed to have a convenient exchange tab where I could switch out my mystic and my soul badge - only to learn that this tab got removed from the game. So I find it really hard to get back into the game with no easy way to acquire the correct gear for the new spec. Why was this tab removed?
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