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    i got me too this problems month now when fit it?
  2. Live Support Vs Me

    guys many ppl use report bot close but open new this is suck
  3. BT token

    Why need for reset 10 token, anyone for disagrees with it to change it
  4. +35 attack diamond

    Ur know all, tell me where find items on red place?
  5. +35 attack diamond

    because the you know, it does not mean that those who do not know the stupid would otherwise not exist and forum I the searchers do not find. Instead they fall in love and cursing others, we do not say we can learn?
  6. +35 attack diamond

    Heptagonal Diamond Pouch Chest Heptagonal Diamond Pouch Contains a gem. Contains a diamond with random attributes. Sell Price 1 Acquisition This can be ordered from the Radiant Ring crafting guild (level 4). Each one costs 1 41 and takes 12 hours. Ingredients: 1 x Hexagonal Diamond 10 x Premium Kaolin Refiner 30 x Heptagonal Gem Fragments 5 x Frozen Venom Dart 3 x Moonstone Guys for this recipe, where find Hexagonal Diamond any know? dont find.. :(