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  1. Thanks for the effort of putting this together. However I've something very bizar going on, I can fish without any problems on the fishing spots in Fishbelly pub and Moon Refuge. If I try to fish in Dasari Palace Garden it keeps saying that I need to be on the dock in order to fish, but I'm standing right next to all other ppl fishing on the dock and I have no clue why it doesn't work there. Maybe u have an idea? (or anyone that reads this) In case you're wondering: -I've tried every position on that dock -I've tried all 3 different baits -I tried restarting/relogging Nothing w
  2. I can fish fine in Fishbelly Pub, if I move to Dasari Palace Gardens it's not working; I've tried everything so my last resort is to ask on Forums if anyone has a solution or if anyone is having the same problem as me. I'll go to Moon Refuge now and see if it works there. Edit: it works there fine aswel.. wtf is this
  3. Okay, gues I'm among the lucky few who didn't get a laggy/buggy client. God bless. I absolutely do, only using orbs on main tho so in most cases I even carry low dmg ppl. In any case I could probably solo but at least I'm kind enough to give ppl without an orb boss 2 (in most cases it's alts for event currency I think). and so far they keep insta-filling and nobody is making a hassle and bosses die faster. Don't be dense dynamic quests isn't daily challenge or weekly challenge. Those quests you automaticaly get when you are inside a dungeon and complete afte
  4. If you were able to do a little over a mil before patch and after patch u haven't hit over 600k, then you should honestly relearn how your class works, all of my chars gained dps! And I'm sure everyone can aknowledge that. It's just a matter of practicing. Okay, if it doesn't feel fair to you, don't do it. I sure as hell will hog everything as orb provider (they know what they sign up for from my recruit). So basicaly you were slow, someone else used his orb and you felt entitled to the loot because u had an orb in your inventory. Maybe next time recruit your own grp moml ?
  5. It looks like nobody here keeps in mind that u get all the event currency from boss 2 and all the rewards from the dynamic quest, so I'd say u get a lot of value from ppl with orbs. And while u can do boss 1 without an orb, is the loot from boss 1 really that important to you that you'd be willing to give up the possibility of boss 2 and be left without all that value? I'm on both sides of the fence, I use orbs and I join ppl who have orbs, and when I join ppl with orbs I really have zero problems giving up everything (even hepta ticket) just so I can get the event currency + dynamic on
  6. The afk's are a real pest. If you really want to take advantage of this event on all your characters then put in the effort of actualy doing the event like everyone else .. And while votekick is an option, there's plenty of arguments for it and also against it. However, there is a much simpler solution. It's already being used in msp actualy, if you don't damage the boss, you get nothing. You get no box, no quest item, no quest update from the boss so it's pointless to afk. You'll still take longer since you are 5-maning the bosses but at least the afk won't get an
  7. There are a few ppl that hit the nail on the head. I mean, what was the team thinking when they were "balancing" the cost in particular for the Rift/Dawn path. I've been comparing the costs between all sorts of paths and I'm almost at a point where it would actualy make more sense to make a new weapon from unrefined -> Raven 6 than upgrading from Rift 3 -> Raven 6. If I was to buy all the materials this wouldn't make any sense but I do have an excessive ammount of Soulstones, Sacred Crystals and Elysian Crystals. This also makes getting Legendary elements, Transformation sto
  8. I don't think i'm either disrespectful or greedy to ask for what I could have done if maintenance had not been unusualy long. For some of us it's impossible to do it from 8-13 because we have other responsibilities and our play time unfortunately is in the evenings. And most importantly, is there any harm in giving everyone the 13 coolers per char for yesterdays loss? For ppl like you that are on track and did it in the mornings it's just extra coolers and u can slack a day if u wanted to, but for ppl like me who couldn't do this, it's pretty vital if we want to get the most ou
  9. I agree to some degree. I think the compensation for today should be for both NA & EU eventho they don't suffer as much it's only fair that we get treated equaly. They should just give 13x coolers ONE time PER character. I see no reason for them (NCSoft) to not do this, on the contrary. I tried explaining my POV on this in this topic: I think we should give every compensation topic traction and hope they'll listen to what we have to say ..
  10. Greetings fellow players and NCSoft employees. Where do I even begin. This is my point of view from a EU player who was farming this event pretty hardcore. How did you guys think that this was fair compensation for all this downtime? Do you guys not realise that we can possibly farm 3 oils on 7 chars this event (and a lot of ppl are doing this i'm sure including myself), however to do this you have to do the DC + event every day. At this hour 1 AM I don't see this a possibility anymore due to responsibilities the next day. Not only that but you gave us 2x DC + event
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