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  1. Achievement Vendor

    It's cosmetic... AND its farmable for free. So what? Farm it or pay for it or don't, your game won't be affected whatsoever. I'm upset that the thing I've wanted since I started the game is CHEAP at the vendor because it means everyone will have it.
  2. This gear though

    How tho....
  3. @all these elitists in BnS

    I think it's more that, consistently, people in PuGs are so amazingly incompetent together and make even the easiest dungeon that you could run easily with 3 friends into a catastrophe with 6. Are some people efficient and effective with low gear? Sure. But what's the chance the three undergeared people in your party are THOSE efficient, competent people? Slim. At least if you say, X idiot has 500 AP, even if he's just left clicking and accidentally hitting a skill or two half the time, he's bound to be doing decent damage and helping. It limits the chance of a raid becoming a catastrophe and completely failing if at least they're SO geared they almost can't mess it up. That's most people's reasoning, most likely.
  4. Show off your characters!!

    And my little sweetest that I have 300 screenshots of
  5. Hey guys! I'm recruiting for my guild, Oath. We're smallish right now (we only just began recruiting two days ago as of posting this) but we're on every single day so we should be around to help out. I've run tons of guilds before in the games I've played, and my main goal has always been to make sure all of my guildies feel significant and heard. We're always willing to help out with any questions or other help you might need in your grind to the top, or just to chat about your day. My main goal is to be a group of people who are always around to chat or brainstorm together -- hang out with you, talk to you, and make the grind less painful. ;) There's no pressure at all on the PvE OR PvP front -- all we ask is that you be friendly and talkative and we'll be the same. You can catch me in game on Radin on and off after ~3PM central on weekdays, or you can whisper Tylantus or MewTwoKing if I'm not around. We're fully available for voice chats, but it's totally not required of you to join in. Look forward to seeing you there~
  6. Soulstones cluttering my bag

    It gave me some lowkey anxiety when he said he's been NPCing soulstones tho
  7. original wepon

    You can buy it back in Bamboo Village
  8. 24 Man Dungeon AFK's purposal

    People are saying that it doesn't affect you if people are AFK'ing, but in reality it does at least a little bit. If ten, fifteen people are AFK'ing at Poharan, whether because they know it's not timed or not, those are slots that AREN'T being taken by active parties. They're field bosses so the more people helping you out, the faster it goes. It sucks having to drag your feet through an empty channel and solo it or try to get your party to one place every time to clear every boss multiple times by yourselves.
  9. Female's outfits that's not revealing

    There are plenty of outfits that cover "all but hands and face", if you don't like how those look then it's entirely a personal problem. As it is it really isn't a very exciting or variable kind of outfit anyway so I'd be glad there are as many of those as there are. I see at least a few topics a week doing the kneejerk rage about "showing skin" but there are so, so many options that don't. If you're being hyper-picky about some very specific outfit you're envisioning then yeah you're probably setting yourself up for disappointment.
  10. Is this bannable?

  11. What's wrong with all the Toxicism in PvE?

    I've never experienced anyone being toxic in the xserver dg. The only time I've seen people react is when there's like 20's in ToE, etc. And even then we all just leave usually without a word. Even runs when someone does something stupid and gets the party wiped people are usually surprisingly passive about it. I've definitely known communities where some dead *cricket* would start insulting every member of your ancestry for some of the things that happen in dungeons, lmao. When someone questioned a low level once they actually said "what? I'm just here for the outfit" like we're gonna carry them and THEN let them get the rare drops. Most people are doing dg for dailies and don't want to spend more time on it than they have to dying or having a gimp slot.
  12. This RNG Is Giving Me Cancer

    Maybe that lvl 45 has been grinding it longer than you. If he was willing to bid so much that you couldn't even compete. You'll get it eventually. If you just push those final few levels to 45 you can start soloing it and not have to worry about bid wars. Everything I've really wanted I've farmed solo so I wouldn't risk losing it to someone with more gold.
  13. Stop it - Stop it - STOP IT!

    Lol okay well if you're going to start pulling terms like "real MMOs" at me then I guess this is not going anywhere. Can't match your wisdom at whether or not this is an MMO
  14. Immersion

    Get chopped in half by huge destroyer axes all day, get sliced and diced from all directions by swords, get run thru by spears and mauled by every kind of monster imaginable: A-OK, still standing, walk it off. Get shanked once by little girl with a knife: collapse and die. Get hit once with a bat (by NPCs you can afk in and live): knocked out cold. Hokay
  15. df am i playing?

    Sick baits You can turn off other players if it really bothers you tho
  16. Immersion

    Wow that was a long post about me "complaining" and leaving over a joke, lmao.
  17. Stop it - Stop it - STOP IT!

    I don't agree at all. A hell of a lot of people play this as their "MMO" and not as a PvP platform. A lot of people on the forums seem upset that they're forced to play the PvP aspects at all. And this game is a lot more complicated and a lot less intuitive than most of the MMOs I've played where it's just generic "grind quests where you help a farmer kill the rabbits in the field until you're max lvl and assign your lvl up points into strength or magic or def and win" There's a lot in this game that makes you stop and say "I don't understand, I want help, I need a guide, I need to ask a question, I'm going to the forum". I've almost never felt the need to go to forums in games where you're self-sufficient the whole time and nothing is difficult. This game I've got like five tabs open with different guides and item stats. So yeah, it'd be nice if this was a community and not a platform for people to cry into the electronic abyss like anyone at all cares that they're leaving because premium isn't free.
  18. Stop it - Stop it - STOP IT!

    People usually respond harshly to the people who feel like their post stomping their feet and screeching about how they're qutting and how they're so mad the game doesn't actually revolve around them as a single person. Those kinds of topics are ALL over the place and IMO are more toxic to the community than the people telling them to suck it up and play. If a new player comes in here and sees 12 topics moaning and wailing about how PvP isnt fair (for only their single class), about how they just put in a ticket but they bet they won't even answer, about how the new free item mechanic isn't good enough to them, about how they want premium benefits for free, wahh, wahh, wahhhh, those new people are probably going to think "wow, this is an awful place, no one's happy, I shouldn't invest time in this" NOBODY needs to know if you're quitting. NOBODY cares. Just leave. How tiring is it to have to pitch a fit every time you don't like a game and quit it. Aside from the fact that generally it seems like those people don't leave, but actually hang around being toxic in the forums in every topic they can inject their crap opinion into like an insect. If people react coldly to those kinds of topics it's usually deserved.
  19. is it possible to change faction colors?

    There are many servers where the blue team heavily outweighs the red but it's super funny how bitter you are about people liking one of the primary colors anyway, lol.

    It makes sense because with premium you could get to the end in ~ a week. And then your premium benefit was sitting there doing nothing for the remainder of the month, and you couldn't get more rewards or anything, so you couldn't spin. And she says right in the text you QUOTED that there's a reward for finishing so. Even without premium people were finishing it without any problem and then just done for the month, but yes, not having one of your premium benefits going to waste when people already feel like there aren't many compelling premium benefits does, actually, "make sense" Unless you're one of the people completely convinced that every mechanic of the game revolves around only you.

    Literally don't spin then. It's free. They're not going to make an endless spin endless loop FREE board of FREE things and put rare endgame content all over it. Can't tell if people are just prepubescent and can't think on a deeper level than "instant self gratification" or just the most melodramatic and self-entitled people on earth. They've said that the old model with costumes will be back and people are actually mad that their free mats/etc aren't good enough. Do not spin then.

    So what's the difference? Last time, you got excited for rolling a high number. This time, you get excited for rolling a low number. Either way it's random chance and either way you're rooting for something. When you complete the map you get dragon trade pouches and get to start again, so personally I think if anything it's a win-win since if you rolled a 6 EVERY time and completed the map super'd get the trade pouches and get to start again. You never lose.
  23. Show off your characters!!

    They didn't get an answer (again unless you're a toddler "because they did" isn't an answer grown adults with working brains are looking for). She probably left because people were generating anger at her for something she didn't say and that they assumed. But I guess nobody's going to change anyone's mind, since nobody who thinks she doesn't have a right to a real answer thinks that's awkward, lmao. Which is telling. My issue was never "the answer" anyway, as much as above ganging up as though she was kinkshaming them or something, but you're dodging that point anyway and just repeating that "because is an answer" so I'm assuming this convo is done. Pce
  24. Show off your characters!!

    You're literally generating an issue where there isn't one. She DIDN'T go around asking "every question". It's not like someone said "oh I like that aesthetic" and shes like "WHY? does it get you off?? Weird, gross!" literally nothing happened like you people who are disputing it say. Only one person "answered" her and had her reply and that's because their answer was that it's realistic (which was another, essentially, "because, why not?"). I think ANYONE would reply back to "they look like real life", lmao. It's not like someone explained their personal reasons why and she grilled them into the ground. Where are you getting this from? Of course people didn't have to answer the question, and people who didn't want to, didn't. Only awkwardly overly defensive people who had no answer behind "because, GOSH!!" did, which, as MY point is, seemed weird and unnecessary. She's not asking about your porn habits, which is what most of the awkward answers seem like. She's asking why people make their characters look a certain way. It's a completely innocent question, and then other dudes ran in immediately huffing that she probably HATED the boobs that way and was "looking for a reason" to why they shouldn't be that way and other completely unfounded BS. With absolutely NOTHING indicating that. If you can't see that as awkwardly defensive and irrelevant then I don't know how else to explain to you, lol. NOR is this on topic at all since nobody has answered the question about the characters -- only gotten upset about it ;)
  25. Show off your characters!!

    If your curiosity functions on such a low level that "because" can be the answer to everything you wonder then that's fine, lmao. MANY times, people have much more interesting answers to things than "because I did". Literally anything in life can be answered with a "because" so I'm not sure why you're trying to justify that "that's a literal answer". Still sounds very gradeschool to me.