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  1. It's cosmetic... AND its farmable for free. So what? Farm it or pay for it or don't, your game won't be affected whatsoever. I'm upset that the thing I've wanted since I started the game is CHEAP at the vendor because it means everyone will have it.
  2. I think it's more that, consistently, people in PuGs are so amazingly incompetent together and make even the easiest dungeon that you could run easily with 3 friends into a catastrophe with 6. Are some people efficient and effective with low gear? Sure. But what's the chance the three undergeared people in your party are THOSE efficient, competent people? Slim. At least if you say, X idiot has 500 AP, even if he's just left clicking and accidentally hitting a skill or two half the time, he's bound to be doing decent damage and helping. It limits the chance of a raid becoming a cata
  3. And my little sweetest that I have 300 screenshots of
  4. It gave me some lowkey anxiety when he said he's been NPCing soulstones tho
  5. You can buy it back in Bamboo Village
  6. People are saying that it doesn't affect you if people are AFK'ing, but in reality it does at least a little bit. If ten, fifteen people are AFK'ing at Poharan, whether because they know it's not timed or not, those are slots that AREN'T being taken by active parties. They're field bosses so the more people helping you out, the faster it goes. It sucks having to drag your feet through an empty channel and solo it or try to get your party to one place every time to clear every boss multiple times by yourselves.
  7. There are plenty of outfits that cover "all but hands and face", if you don't like how those look then it's entirely a personal problem. As it is it really isn't a very exciting or variable kind of outfit anyway so I'd be glad there are as many of those as there are. I see at least a few topics a week doing the kneejerk rage about "showing skin" but there are so, so many options that don't. If you're being hyper-picky about some very specific outfit you're envisioning then yeah you're probably setting yourself up for disappointment.
  8. I've never experienced anyone being toxic in the xserver dg. The only time I've seen people react is when there's like 20's in ToE, etc. And even then we all just leave usually without a word. Even runs when someone does something stupid and gets the party wiped people are usually surprisingly passive about it. I've definitely known communities where some dead *cricket* would start insulting every member of your ancestry for some of the things that happen in dungeons, lmao. When someone questioned a low level once they actually said "what? I'm just here for the outfit" like we're g
  9. Maybe that lvl 45 has been grinding it longer than you. If he was willing to bid so much that you couldn't even compete. You'll get it eventually. If you just push those final few levels to 45 you can start soloing it and not have to worry about bid wars. Everything I've really wanted I've farmed solo so I wouldn't risk losing it to someone with more gold.
  10. Hey guys! I'm recruiting for my guild, Oath. We're smallish right now (we only just began recruiting two days ago as of posting this) but we're on every single day so we should be around to help out. I've run tons of guilds before in the games I've played, and my main goal has always been to make sure all of my guildies feel significant and heard. We're always willing to help out with any questions or other help you might need in your grind to the top, or just to chat about your day. My main goal is to be a group of people who are always around to chat or brainstorm to
  11. Lol okay well if you're going to start pulling terms like "real MMOs" at me then I guess this is not going anywhere. Can't match your wisdom at whether or not this is an MMO
  12. Sick baits You can turn off other players if it really bothers you tho
  13. Wow that was a long post about me "complaining" and leaving over a joke, lmao.
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