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  1. And my little sweetest that I have 300 screenshots of
  2. They didn't get an answer (again unless you're a toddler "because they did" isn't an answer grown adults with working brains are looking for). She probably left because people were generating anger at her for something she didn't say and that they assumed. But I guess nobody's going to change anyone's mind, since nobody who thinks she doesn't have a right to a real answer thinks that's awkward, lmao. Which is telling. My issue was never "the answer" anyway, as much as above ganging up as though she was kinkshaming them or something, but you're dodging that point anyway and just rep
  3. You're literally generating an issue where there isn't one. She DIDN'T go around asking "every question". It's not like someone said "oh I like that aesthetic" and shes like "WHY? does it get you off?? Weird, gross!" literally nothing happened like you people who are disputing it say. Only one person "answered" her and had her reply and that's because their answer was that it's realistic (which was another, essentially, "because, why not?"). I think ANYONE would reply back to "they look like real life", lmao. It's not like someone explained their personal reasons why and she grilled them into
  4. If your curiosity functions on such a low level that "because" can be the answer to everything you wonder then that's fine, lmao. MANY times, people have much more interesting answers to things than "because I did". Literally anything in life can be answered with a "because" so I'm not sure why you're trying to justify that "that's a literal answer". Still sounds very gradeschool to me.
  5. It's not like her original question was "why do you do make them like that, it's not realistic and looks weird". She said it's not realistic because the first answer literally was, "because people look like that IRL so why not" Which, let's be honest, for a lot of these characters, no they don't, lmao. So her saying "this isn't very realistic at all though" wasn't out of left field. There are a lot of times when my friends are looking over my shoulder and I look at a character's body type or trends in characters and we wonder whether people made them that way because they think it
  6. She's perfectly capable of asking why someone would choose to make the boobs look that way without it being a crime. I'm 100% sure that there are completely different reasons people did. If your reason for doing so is one that leads you to being super defensive about it then it speaks for itself, lol.
  7. She's drop-dead gorgeous~ I love her eyes
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