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  1. scummoner

    Winning championships isn't exactly "self-proclaiming" anything. It's proving it. Is it not?
  2. scummoner

    Does Korea not already have level 50/points? He's not talking about NA, which is behind Korea in updates. Wtf do warlocks have to do with this thread?
  3. Why should I play NCsoft game game?

    NA-Ncsoft can't do anything, really. They can forward our complaints, but something tells me they won't do an efficient job of categorizing and summarizing them. Since OB on Aion the staff generally seem disengaged from actual game play and class mechanics. Odds are they'll hear our complaint, poorly summarize them with a mix of forum quotes and their own take on what that means for the game, forward them to korea, have the idea either flat out denied or altered in a way that although the change was good, they've now introduced two or three new ideas along with it that are just steps backwards. That is ncsoft. Not hearing complaints and fixing them.
  4. Why should I play NCsoft game game?

    He's not incorrect you know. But then again you're a forum hipster so...
  5. Maybe if you're fighting someone like Funeral or Bournetoown but uh... nah.. SM's aren't that strong.
  6. Well, it's no 2 FPS bad. Although Fallout 4 went through the same issue for a while... But yes. Most people have experienced drops around other players/combat 20 - 30 fps, which I mean, to the average player isn't bad? Considering how console games generally seem to work (in comparison). But the people with mid-high tier rigs who are experiencing this problem have those rigs because we want 60+ fps. Not 50. Not 55. 60. A lot of us were surprised because it's an older game but that also happens to be the problem. It's not everyone, mind you, but enough to have flooded the forums about it for some time.
  7. Actually there's a huge amount of people having performance issues and optimization issues but that's because it's old/outdated and most of today's mid-high tier rigs (variables given in builds) don't exactly ride easy with it.
  8. The fk is an Elementalist? You mean a Sorc?... sorc is the strongest 1v1 class in Aion? Pleeaassseuhhhhhh
  9. Ah, yes, generic quotes from fortune cookies used as a means to attempt to belittle someone more than a week later are a much more intelligent approach that shows no foolishness or excess "salt" at all. Please, proceed to attempt to dethrone me from my ever growing pious stoop over the peasantry below. You are the only White Knight left who can do it.
  10. High-End PCs Capping at 40FPS

    980ti is where that bridge begins. The 970 is a pretty mid-range card, mostly due to its low cost. Once you start hitting 980ti/titan you're breaking into a high end zone. Mid-range doesn't necessarily mean quality rather than abundance of people using, etc.
  11. what is draw stance?

    I don't know enough myself to tell but I would assume it would be any time after you've blown their ability to recover. The lockdown is long, the burst is strong and the focus recovery is high. But yes I meant pvp.
  12. Sometimes I wonder.....

    White Knights Unite
  13. Welcome to NCSoft

    I wish I could get into other MMO's and escape Aion but the pvp is so enjoyable T_T
  14. Welcome to NCSoft

    Ncsoft is only ban happy for so long. Eventually wild-obvious ani hackers and glide hackers run the show without staying banned for more than a week or two, if at all.
  15. what is draw stance?

    It also opens up a window to phantom grip/regain focus/extend burst. Long-term damage can be craaaazy. Unfortunately it's also easily countered