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Soul Boost Mission not working properly

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I noticed there's "Clearing Chimera Lab at Stage 1 or higher" on stage 3 of Soul Boost. There's also completion of stage 2 and stage 3 Chimera Lab for a higher reward. I did stage 1, 2 and 3 but haven't received the reward for the finish. I can't even embed the picture because the image from url doesn't work on this forum much like everything else. https://imgur.com/a/t1keGyS

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@Simoleon can you explain a bit more of what exactly customer support will do in these cases?
The Soul Boost error has been already for more than a month now and other users have posted about this issue.


I open a ticket to only received a pathetic excuse that support can't do anything when I asked them to escalate the situation since is something affecting the whole community, the only thing they did was to escalate my ticket with "Senior" support only said to keep an eye on the forums for news... so what game are guys playing sending ppl back and forth?

Ticket: 2130264

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