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Koldrak's Lair Info Card Years Out of Date


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Mostly just what the title says. The information card for Koldrak's Lair was never really accurate/complete, but since its addition Koldrak's Lair has been revamped like three times and still it hasn't been updated (for example it still says you can get hexagonal garnets, which haven't been available for years; it also says you can get cosmetics, but those only come from a merchant in exchange for scales while other items that exchange for scales are omitted and actual drops are omitted). The card doesn't list what the actual rewards are for the dungeon, and that's a problem now that the chests that drop also don't list their potential contents and the dungeon also isn't in the Ctrl+J "Game Guide". Which tiers of garnet are possible rewards? Is the "Sacred Beast Koldrak" Portrait a possible drop, or is that only obtainable through the merchant? I've opened like 20 Scorching chests since the most recent change and I've gotten nothing but the crystals I already have 10k+ each of, so it's impossible to make an informed decision on whether I should even bother trying running it multiple times per day or just do the daily and move on.


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