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Rare Elements Question 2022


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I know this has been discussed many times before, but I can find no current articles on where one might find these.

I'm a fairly new player, so if acronyms and shorthand can be avoided I would appreciate a list of dungeons / merchant / locations these can be found at.


Many thanks

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3 hours ago, lillvargen said:

you get material chests from demonsbane dungeons (Altar of Infinity, Halls of Trials, Namdoo Shrine) and Shrouded Ajanara, those contain rare elements together with craft materials

I've run the demonsbane dungeons a few times (not Shrouded Ajanara though) and never saw it. Is it like a seriously rare boss drop, or a quest reward?

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it is labled as common reward in the demonsbane dungeons so it shouldn't be difficult to get


however I know Shrouded Ajanara gives it in every dynamic reward, thats how I keep track of how many runs I've made


grandmaster chests in demons and artisinal chests in Ajanara

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