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Bring Back MultiSlash for Breaker skill for Wind BD

Silk Rivaliant

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MultiSlash was such a fun move for wind BD for PvE
even the original implementation where it was a slower 4 hit strike made it feel powerful
Trading out sustain for burst damage
It was a DPS loss to use but it had such a punch to it

I suck with the Blue Moon badge when it powered up Multislash when it was the worst in slot badge and technique to use 

when it was taken out, it made me really sad

Hurricane Slash is a decent enough move but it just always seemed underwhelming
it cuts though defense which is useful and is great on rotation
it just lacks that Punch


Not sure how to implement Multislash back in given the current move list

something on my mind
Could go back to switching V - Dual Strike from daze to Stun to change 2 - Raid back to Multislash

It should induce Stun at the final hit 
Don't think it would be that useful in PvP, PvE might be challenging to use but good Wind BD's will make due


I would say just replace Skyward Slash with it
But because wind BD rotation heavily relies on cooling it and using it to proc squall might not be the best idea

it would require yet another entire remake of the wind BD playstyle



The point of this is to give wind BD's a better breaker
Many classes just don't use Breaker because only one spec it seems per class has an easy to use breaker move

Making Wind BD's Phantom Grip for breaker would had been fine if it did more percentage
15% when both Aerodome and Subtranum bosses would lock their breaker bar while the swords flew around just kinda made using grip useless for that
isn't so much of an issue now
Namdo Shrine is good for this because the post give you ample opportunity for Grip
and Hall of Trials Not as much given some complications with boss and add rotations ( you can only breaker the boss once after all ) 
and while i appreciate the decision making on choosing the boss or adds to use breaker
its a bad sell to use on Adds when its better used on the Boss with others insignias (That is a whole nother issue i could get into)

I acutally liked how Grim Blade breaker was implemented before it was dumb down to the first hit by the grim for a Massive percentage on breaker bar
there was an actual decisions making, paying attention to the fight (an actual game here) rather then just push button-give me as it is now

Having Wind BD's breaker on Multislash give a hefty percentage per hit incentivizes better use of the breaker system that is being underutilized in my opinion

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