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New FM needs help


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Hello all!


I am new to BNS in general and i choode FM as my first class but as I am comming from wow I got spoild and used to classes guides which were very helpfull oso i did not mess up my build.

What i wanted to ask, do you know maybe any leveling guide or something along those lines for FM? I don't have any fire, Ice preferences so I will ask you for tips on that matter too. I guess I am seeking ease of use for start and options to be usefull later on.


Thank you

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Hey there! Please join BnS Academy discord and set up your role for Force Master. There will be plenty of people who can help you! The forum is quite inactive and you won't find much help here to be honest with you. As for leveling, it does not really matter to be honest. The story is very easy and not challenging so you can complete it with any skills really. Your skill setup will be more important when you start doing dungeons with other people once you reach level 60. 

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