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  1. Both destro and fm are objectively broken classes. It's just that fm is more busted in certain situations like this one so it looks unfair even for a destro, which it is, but honestly both need some major nerfs in both 1v1 and 6v6. But to be honest there are so many unfair match-ups that the entire PvP system needs to be wiped and started from scratch if they ever want to build any positive PvP experience.
  2. Ever since BT, the game has been heavily built around raids, so the hardest gear should be exclusively obtained via raiding - you have to find a team, learn lots of mechs, be able to coordinate actions, etc. to succeed - nothing in this game is more satisfying than clearing a raid boss with friends / dedicated people after hours or weeks of trying. Newest raid is by far the most challenging content, especially with the addition of EM. Thus, no blood roses should be added anywhere else to cater to people who either have no time to raid (sorry if you work and cannot play - just whale
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