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looking for people dat like to run older raids with me or clans dat might be intrested in having me

Izuna Kazumi

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hi im Izuna Moon i was looking for socail clans preferable as i dont play consistently dat might be intrested in having me


im a lyn player of level 60 a hongmoon level 15 i weild grand celestail gear grade 4 a im  a astromancer

im not dat busy with clan activies with is why i prefer socail clans but im open for conpetive clans as well i just sometimes take long breaks with could be a issue for competive clans


now what i like to do is run older as de new raid dungoens to contenue de sides storys i also hope if ou guysare willing to play with me if im allow to see de cutscences as i do enjoy them plus i havent seen those yet


im at de moement at steelbreaker submarine dungeon so if a group of people are intrested to play with me or just a clan dat all good by me disocrd servers for friends are fine as well as i will be more active in those when it comes to socail aspect even discord server without clans are fine im mostly just trying to find people to do raids with

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