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  1. im very intrested i have taken a very long break from blade and soul a am looking for a clan to help me catch back up im level 60 hm 15 equiment needs quite q lot of woork from wat i notice from other people grand celestail gear rank 4 is my main waepon a im a astromancer im on server jinsoyun a crimson legion faction my ingame name Izuna Moon if you are still lookibng for peopl let me know
  2. hi im Izuna Moon i was looking for socail clans preferable as i dont play consistently dat might be intrested in having me im a lyn player of level 60 a hongmoon level 15 i weild grand celestail gear grade 4 a im a astromancer im not dat busy with clan activies with is why i prefer socail clans but im open for conpetive clans as well i just sometimes take long breaks with could be a issue for competive clans now what i like to do is run older as de new raid dungoens to contenue de sides storys i also hope if ou guysare willing to play with me if im allow to see de c
  3. Please say it more polite next time as I actacly did not know a miss it I don't play challenges on blade and soul as I play the game for the story so I never did dig a ton around in the challenge menu did notice the level bonus stuff but that kind of it Anyways thank you for telling a be more careful with your wordsbye
  4. My English isn't the best I'm self tought after all but if you check the picture I acatclly send you see there is written Complete 3 daily challenges at least 3 times Sorry but am I wrong or doesn't that mean you need to do 3 times all 3 daily challenges I will ask my friend ones he get in he speaks English very good way better compare to me but seeing that sentence makes me think all 3 3 times ------------ Update My friends confirm I'm correct the seentece means 3 daily challenges 3 times anyways I'm.just gonna close this forum I
  5. ps here is a images of the announcement of the challenge how it is written here is that i needed to do all 3 that why i thought i needed to do all 3 image mainly because of how it is written here
  6. well i will agree but i actually did know i had to do all my daily missions 3 days in a row but i was never able to do midnight plains as people left at boss rank 2 was done a i checka few times a every time i check i had midnight plains in my daily missions question to do you need to cancel your concurent daily mission to get another becuese that could have been my mistake also it did say all 3 daily missions at least 3 times check next post for image
  7. Well liken said I'm not bother by it but I had not much luck this time I probably did choice the wrong days to jump back in blade and soul a ended up that way with only midnight plains that 2that what I think that happend
  8. Well i had that as my third daily challenge all the time i could not do it a I try waiting a few days for another but I kept getting that one I'm also not in any clan or so so I had not many ways to reach for people to do it with me with as I'm more a solo player most of the time
  9. so i was trying to get the astromancer outfit but for some reason players kept leaving at level 2 boss i midnight plains making it me impossible to get sometimes i try for 2 hours straight to do it with new groups but always same result i just wanted the outfit to complete me class so I'm not bug about it just a little but it is quite a problem that players just leave a you never where able to finish the daily quest well i hope the outfits returns some day i do love the class as well i just hope not to many other players had the same issue i had
  10. same i think it is a bug becuese the website does mention the other 2 things
  11. Yeah true that moment it really start to stand out a distracting me
  12. True sound interesting to have i don't really dis dislike it per say but it is just annoying when you just calm managing your quest or items Thanks for your opinion on it i do am interested to see what more comes i just hope there be a way to toggle it I did read you can just remove your weapon for it so i be doing that for now
  13. I might be just picky but I found the idle stance rather distracting sometimes a I will have less issues with it if it did not happen so quick Like you wanna check something calm on the map the idle stance example blade dancer Lyn Will take your attention surely as it darker the screen for a short second at the end of the move T can just be me being picky as there are some good ones but I found it more a hindrances some times a option to maybe turn them on or off will be nice to have What are your guys opinion ?im kinda curious
  14. I can agree I was crying very hard surely in the last part of act 9 You get so close to your students an I also feel like I'm the avatar with how the story is written I can relate almost all the time in the behaviour off your avatar has (not everyone has that I know) Losing your first student was already very hard a now you lose all your students besides jinsoyun with the short part that follows after will make you cry if you follow the story very deeply
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