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Loading Screen Contest 2021 - You need to go on, Master

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Character Name: Teycer
Server: Jinsoyun
Short description of your art: Hongmoon warrior doesn't let his guard down. The only one place that brings him peace is always blooming wisteria tree that hides his weaknesses with its flowers. He lets himself to cry after losing his own apprentices, making himself carry the weigh of past and future of the Hongmoon School.



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53 minutes ago, SayonaraRevival said:

he's so cute, I want to wipe his tears and give him a hug : ( 
i absolutely
 love the gentle lines and also the soft colors too. fits the expression very well 😭

glad you got it in on time!

Thank you so much! It took me more time than i thought that's why i posted it so late. Sending him all the huggies uwuw

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