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  1. he's so cute, I want to wipe his tears and give him a hug : ( i absolutely love the gentle lines and also the soft colors too. fits the expression very well 😭 glad you got it in on time!
  2. I REALLY LOVE THIS COLORING/SHADING it's so vibrant and satisfying. the lyns themselves are also A+ i love them. (i'm totally not biased)
  3. full album on Imgur has just about everything, SO i'll just show my favorites! NPCs: My FM, Takumi Kuroizumi (and a Summoner on alt) my BD, Minji Xiulan: The imgur album has Terumitsu (current Warden/former Warlock), Marcel Nocturne (first Summoner). and all four (4!) previous versions of the loading screen contest entry I just finished all the way now in 2021. AND a bunch of doodles of characters from a BnS RP server (while the community was active back then)
  4. This is GORGEOUS omg? the colors and shading are fantastic, the eyes stand out so well! and i love the glitter in the hair - amazing job! : )
  5. OH THIS IS SO PRECIOUS... i love their expressions so much, this is such a sweet pic! great work 😄
  6. Character: Terumitsu Server: Yura Description: Bamboo Guards and Blackram Marauders will have to put aside their rivalry... for now. Links: JPG - PNG this concept took me a full 3-4 years (and 2 previous contests) for me to actually pull it off, lmao
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