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The Twisted Serpent Stronghold Raid is now live!


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While the exact location of the Twisted Serpent Stronghold has long been hidden, in the mountains near Zaiwei, the Twisted Serpent Clan is now under attack as a dark secret threatens to divide the new Masters.


Defeat the two raid bosses in the Twisted Serpent Stronghold (Easy Difficulty) and face an even harder challenge in the Serpent’s Den (Hard Difficulty)!


·       The Twisted Serpent Stronghold (Easy Difficulty) & Serpent’s Den (Hard Difficulty)

·       12-player Raid

·       Recommended for level 60 HM 24+

·       Earn Legendary Dungeon Coins, Shadow Fury Soul Shields, Twisted Serpent Stronghold Gear, Ethereal Vials and the Escape Artist Outfit


Are you ready to test your strength?


👉 Learn more!

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