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Battleground / disconnect / rejoin bug


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I actually managed to kill someone in pvp 6v6 whirlwind valley battlegrounds, which apparently surprised the game so much that it froze up, probably because it didn't know what to do.


I had to force shut down the game with CTRL + ALT + DEL. Then I logged back in. When I logged back in, it didn't log me back into the battleground. Instead it logged me back in to the normal game world and asked me if I wanted to rejoin my previous team in that battleground.


I was dead though, so the yes option was greyed out. I couldn't select it. I resurrected myself by pressing 4, but that forced me to go through yet another loading screen, and when I came back in, even though it was still within the time frame to rejoin, the box that allows me to rejoin the battleground available anymore. This is most likely because I had to resurrect, which put me through another loading screen. Therefore, I couldn't rejoin. That is a problem right there, but wait. There's more.


THEN I went to go join a new battleground, and it said that I couldn't join another battleground for 5-6 more minutes or so because I was a bad person for ditching my previous team, and that if I did it again, it wouldn't let me do battlegrounds for 60 minutes... except... it wasn't my fault. I actually did try to rejoin. The problem is that if you disconnect in a battleground, your character keeps standing there. Since you are in a battleground, do you suppose that your character just standing there in whirlwind valley next to a control point will probably get killed? Yes, of course right? Then when you log back in, you will be dead. Then you'll have to press 4 to resurect before you can rejoin, but doing that will cancel the rejoin box. You won't be able to rejoin at all, which gets you penalized... at no fault of your own. You see the problem there? That is the bug.


B&S needs to be changed so that if you log back in while dead, and the game offers to let you rejoin, you either need to be able to rejoin while dead, or... press 4, resurrect, and STILL have the option to rejoin. I imagine this might be applicable to pve parties too.




It happened. I waited the 5-6 minutes, queued up again. I crashed again. Then, since the boot process takes so long for the game and you have to wait through 2-4 MORE loading screens after the game starts, I couldn't get back in time the second time. The system banned me for an hour. I understand the purpose of not wanting people to log out in the middle of pvp, but in order to have a system like that, Blade & Soul needs to be a game that you can get back into reasonably quickly and reliably if you crash or get disconnected or whatever... which it isn't. Therefore, having a system like that is unreasonable unless the improvements I mentioned were made.



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