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Lag while open inventory/go with mouse over items

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Hello :)

first of all I want to say sry for my english, its bad.
I have since today a "bug" or "lag" however you want to call it in BnS.

If I open my inventory, I get a lag - so if I spam iiiiii my fps goes down to 20.
The same happends if I go with my mouse over a item. I instantly go from 60fps to 40, and if I go not over 1 item - I go over like 4-5 its going to 13-15 FPs.
Not only in inventory, no in storage aswell on inventory.


If you dont understand what my problem is...

So.. is there any way to fix it? I googled, searched here and stuff but could not find anything.
i started my pc again, tried some stuff from internet.. but nothing works
Pls help


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That lag happens only because the game is so big that it takes a long time for your client to find the correct item information to show you. Nothing else than that and it cannot be fixed by anyone except the developers themselves. There's too much assets in the game and client has trouble finding everything fast enough to not lag. Game needs to be cleaned up, a lot.

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