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Gunslinger PVP Combo guide


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Hey guys, 


My name is Nagisa Yuki. U might've seen me stream BNS PVP or maybe have seen me at Worlds in team HOB. I'm a Gunslinger main. I also play a lot more other classes. I was gonna do a stream; i still will, but it will be later today. Here are some important and helpfull combo's. Ofcourse there is way much more to Gunslinger PVP but i will soon explain this more detailed on stream. With this guide and more to come soon. I hope more people will try Gunslinger PVP! https://www.twitch.tv/nagisayukibns

NOTE: i play with around 60ms so combo's for shadow with rmbx3 will not work for you with high ms. In this case u can leave out 1 rmb. And for Fire build instead of 2 rmbs in air for 6v6 u can do V > 1 rmb and then extend the aerial

some people die before i finish the combo so the clips aren't 100% accurate100-0_COMBO_WITHOUT_TAB.png
You use this combo as soon as u catch someone without TAB escape. For example after tech chasing and no TAB escape available.

U can use this one anytime as long as they dont tab escape fast enough, it depends on you how fast u execute it and depends on their reaction. This is probably the strongest and most broken aerial, because with or without TAB escape u can kill people in 1 aerial with this combo! The thing is u need a lot of setup for this so it doesn't happen really often. Unless the opponent gives u the chance to do it.

100-0 combo with skystone not that hard so won't make a detailed picture of it. 3 (Stun) > Immediately start pressing RMB in skystone because it extends ur time in air if u do it to late u will stay in air and not aerial him > press C as soon as u see urself dropping down > continue with normal aerial combo


Build for Fire spec, DISABLE BULLETSTORM AND FIREFALL. Fire just got an INSANE dmg buff. Which DOUBLES unload's dmg up till 12k crits. U play this against Blade Dancer and Destroyer.


So this is the "Wallbang gunner build" i play this sometimes for fun.

Disable these:

Here's a clip of it in action against my good friend Zay LMAO: https://www.twitch.tv/zayxv/clip/PlainSmoggyShallotMVGame

some people die before i finish the combo so the clips aren't 100% accurate

Shadow: 23113 spec

As it says this is a full combo u don't always have to do all of it.



These 2 combo's are the 2 most used air combo's so learn these! both very similar.
2 V C air combo clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/TolerantCarefulAsparagusPrimeMe

Ricochet air combo clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/CogentEndearingGoatWutFace


Soulshield wise u have 2 options. Either 8 IA/ET/TT Or 5 PVP 3 IA/ET/TT. 

For the 8 ET build this gives medium/high geared gunners a lot more dmg but a lot less HP this is more of a glasscannon build. I would only recommend this if you are very comfortable with surviving as gunner. 8 ET gives me the ability to kill people without my soul up or sometimes even without my badge/bracelet if my soul is up. I recommend 5 PVP and 3 ET/TT for less experienced gunners for more survival.


Long or short soul? I prefer to play short soul. This way u can have more of a constant pressure instead of trying to perform when ur long soul is up.

I think long soul is viable for either maxed gear gunners or either very low geared gunners. Reasoning for this. Maxed geared gunner will kill u in 1 air no matter what the difference in soul is not gonna change that and u might even have more impact With long soul cuz of the chance to one shot people on the ground like spinner classes. For low geared even if u have short soul u’re not gonna have much of an impact like that. So better for you to have long soul and maybe kill 1 or 2 people a minute than barely killing someone with short soul.


That's all for now. Again these are just the important basic combo's. I will do a more in depth of things on stream and probably upload to Youtube aswell. Here's the link again https://www.twitch.tv/nagisayukibns. Even if you're not a gunner main, but u maybe have an alt gunner i'd love to see people try it in arena. U can always DM me on discord for questions.


Nagisa Yuki#2806

Since the lack of stream VODs to look at here is an educational VOD from an old stream against a lot of different classes. I suggest watching it and most importantly analyze it and really see what i'm doing and try to copy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D32EFWSUvrk




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