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Scheduled Maintenance – 12/18/2019


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Starting on December 18, 4:00 a.m. PST / 13:00 CET, all servers will undergo maintenance for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. An in-game notice will be given 30 minutes prior to the maintenance starting.


Below is the list of changes introduced within the update:

  • Received Items delivers inconsistent quantity when retrieving stacked items.

  • Duplicate Frosty Snowcat Adornment in the Trove Reward List.

  • Destroyer PvE weapons (Riftwalk/Dawnforged, Exalted/Storm Dragon) missing bonuses for Destroyer 3rd spec.

  • Afterglow Ring, Suncatcher Gloves and Thundercall Bracelet (Destroyer 3rd spec) require additional number of Legendary Jewel to upgrade stage.

    • The Blade & Soul Support Team will be reimbursing jewels used in excess after the maintenance.

  • Routine server maintenance and modifications.


For server status updates please follow the @BladeAndSoulOps Twitter account.


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