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Is it only me or B&S becoming least and least friendly to new players ?
even the daily dungeons are now harder, like they even want to achieve new players ? 
like what the point is ?
I'm really tryin to figure out why would they do it

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BnS both isn't THAT hard, but also isn't that easy. It's not like mario cart or something simple anyone can do easily. It's meant to be somewhat challenging, and they've even nerfed quite a lot to simplify things that were already a lot harder before. 


The thing is, if you put in the time and effort and practice, you can learn everything and do everything. Just takes awhile and everyone learns at their own pace. "Family friendly" is kind of a useless term here cause even some younger players easily master a lot of stuff here. It doesn't matter your age. Old and young have their own pace. You don't need to be a prodigy you just need to be willing to do what's necessary and not give up if there are challenges. And that's not even including the p2w aspect which is a whole dif ballgame.

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