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Disappearing global cooldown icon for party block (hm block)


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Hi. I've seen that problem out there for quite some time, but till now i thought it's just my imagination. Today when I was farming one dungeon over and over with same team noticed that there actually IS problem with hm block global cooldown (at least for my class - BD). Icon can sometimes disappear by itself out of nowhere so it looks like it's off cd, but when i try to use it it appears back with those few seconds left and i just waste my skill without effect. From what i remember it was rather problem happening to me when gunner was in party, but nowdays they are in them pretty often anyway so it might not be the lead. It happens with alpha call too, it just doesn't reset global cooldown of my skill just hides icon of that cooldown. Didn't want to ignore that bug this time because it's really annoying to get nearly killed by invisible icon .-.

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Are you sure you checked the right icon, don't look for HM Block icon for CD, but for "Clipped Wings" debuff, because when weapon resets your cooldowns, resets HM Block, 

but if Clipped Wings (new name now) is up, they won't receive HM Block.

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