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Ranged classes nerf


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Hi, I play mainly PvP, I could know why they are constantly nerfed ranged classes. Summoner is one of the weakest classes, similar to WL or Gunslinger, the only distance class that is still competitive is FM.

Summoner - the cat is easy to kill, in addition to listening and doing whatever it wants. The SS Root is no longer removed. Air combo is not so effective to take more than 50% of opponents.

WL - Thral is no longer what it used to be and cannot be controlled as before. Here is at least an effective air combo.

Gunslinger - Most CC skills removed and if not prevented, it is an easy target.

But the KFM is still immortal with a million resists, stamps, you run away, stamps it again, run away again, but then you don't have to defend yourself...


Destro doesn't need anything at all and just spin like a propeller and watch everyone fall when He runs away and throws you an ax and kills you so much...


Warden makes a wheel and just mows around him and has twice the life of others, plus he can make a shield at any time...


If they have a cleverly written macro, will they kill anyone with similar gear to a single combo and how do classes remotely oppose it?

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