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How to transfer Outfits from one Account to another?


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Is it possible to transfer an Outfit to another account? I made an account to my sister so we could play together. Also bought her outfits to star playing with, but then she stopped playing it and have no interest whatsoever. So i thought of deleting her Account, but after i put money on it and the outfits, i was looking a way to mail the clothes to my existing Account. I bought the stamps with the Ncoins she had left, But when i tried to send the Outfits to my Account it says with this message "You are required to charge your NCoin at least once to send mail".

I can't understand why this message pops up in my face when i payed to recharge NCoins to her Account using my card. An here i am, still trying to figuring out how to do it.

Would you lend me some help? any help or advice is appreciated. :shy:

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You can only mail outfits using stamps to the characters in same account. There is no way to trade outfits in game except for the few outfits that comes in pouches and even those can only be traded before opening the pouch. 

Your only chance is to try contacting support but i don't know if they would be willing to move them.

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