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Warlock Training Hall Advanced Scourge Training Issue


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Hello everyone, writing on behalf of my friend this time. So basically im returning to the game soon, and i pulled 2 friends with me. One of them is trying warlock, and we cant figure out this thing in the training hall regarding the soul shackle combo in the scourge build, advanced level. I have yet to explore the changes they made


It seems like you only have soul shackle (2) in distortion, while he is training scourge rn. But it says in scourge training that he needs to start the combo with soul shackle (2), which he doesnt have in scourge. In distortion he has soul shackle and can do the rotation properly. However, in scourge he has ravaging curse on 2, instead of soul shackle. How should he use a distortion skill while training scourge, as you cant switch elements in combat, and even if you could, it would take too long and the combo would fail?


So what should or could be done about this? Thanks in advance!

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found the answer, so you can lock the topic :D just gonna copy paste what i wrote about this in another topic after finding the answer


it's most likely about the training hall simply not being tweaked when they introduced the new builds system


basically what happened is that scourge build doesnt have soul shackle anymore, but instead has ravaging curse 


in the distortion build the rotation works fine, since the soul shackle skill is actually there


see https://discord.gg/vzpWMj and add a warlock role for yourself so you can access the channel for the class, and see pinned messages for the appropriate rotations regarding the build you wanna play 


also see https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/news/warlock-class-week/ and see if anything there would still work for you :D

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