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Back into the game! One big doubt...

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Hello! i would like to know if anyone knows this...room or something...where u have the opportunity to fight agains all classes used by bots. I remember playing them to practice combos and how to escape certain stuff and now with the  3rd awakening hapenning, i'm pretty confused and i think that place is a good way to start once again!
I don't exactly remember "where" is this place or "how" to get into it, so i will just give out clues to see if u guys known about it:
-is was like a practice AI for each class, like challenges(the characters had a lot of HP, kinda like infinity tower) 
-if for example u picked to fight the summoner,it would give u different "lvs" or "difficulties" to pick, ofc, if u wanted to pick a higher difficulty, u first had to beat the easier one. For example: summoner lv 3, u need to kill the summoner lv 2.
-Each first time u beat one of this AI in a certain difficulty, u would recieve a small reward, JUST ONCE PER CLASS AND DIFFICULTY.
-The last thing i remember was the looks of the place. It was an octagonal maybe like arena? it was surronnded by a wall(moutain on one side) and a really nice open view and the other side(of like a lake/sun,forest in the distance).
-Extra: i think...i might be wrong...but i think a "lyn" was the voice that guided u through the menu.


that's all i got. If u guys have any ideas of where or how to get into this place, please tell me! :HajoonCheer:

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Your right! it was Trial arena! i found some videos about it! :D
Tho...i new problem came out,i can't seem to being able to get into it. It says i don't meet the requirements, any ideas?
My character is currently at lv 55, Hongmoon 13

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