Wind BD bug

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Yes!!! I've been wondering if I wasn't use to the rotation / missed the timing due to ping. But it seems like I'm not the only one who's finding this!!!


Thanks for bringing it up and even recording a video!



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Sorry you have this issue aswell. All bd's got it, obviously. 


I'm just hoping ncsoft sees it and decides to actually take action but.. doubt it. 



tip: have your X or be ready to q/e when whirling scourge is about to end and u can work around it by being ready to ready another typhoon! 

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I have been in contact with support services. Took me a bit over a week, but they have finally acknowledged my evidence and has told me it is now a known issue.


And thanks Bunnycloud for your video footage too. I showed them mine as well as the links you showed here to try and convince them there is an issue.


No idea when they'll fix it. But at least they recognise it needs fixing.


I guess for now.. play with Lightning? And hopefully when everything is fixed we can go back to Wind, whenever that is.


Let's hope it gets fixed soon and I guess try to stay positive eh? :D






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