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PvP ladder and HM coins


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Entered arena yesterday, after almost 2 months, stopped doing mostly because ladder was blocked from "pro" pvpers with endless supply of alts.

After 2nd match i ran into alt again, that annihilated me, so obviously things haven't changed. I have no problem pvpers making alts, since higher ladder is supposedly empty most of the time, but don't you think it would be good to limit the season reward to 1 class per account? Or even better 1 character of each class per MAC address?


I enjoy pvp, but I'll never be godlike in it, for one I'm old, my reflexes can never match those of young generation, but I wouldn't mind getting some reward weekly and at season end, for my time and trouble. I bet arena would be much more alive with that change. Am I wrong, what do you guys think?

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