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Battlegrounds gear


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I'm a returning low lvl player (around lvl 40) which would like to focus on fair PvP fights without too much grinding.

I wonder how the battlegrounds in this game. Is there any battleground that doesn't require me to get a strong gear?

I'm looking for PvP fights that are more skill based than gear based, like Tera Corsair Stronghold and Gridion if anybody knows.


Thanks in advance.

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There are 1v1 and 3v3 arena modes are entirely gear balanced and therefore only depend on skill.


However, currently all battlegrounds are highly gear dependent and personal skill will only get you so far (though it's by no means unimportant).

Upcoming there will be a Battle Royale mode that is already released in Korea and that is gear balanced.


So if it is the combination of terrain and skill-without-gear that youa re looking for this might be something for you.


If you specifically want the MOBA type gameplay that the battlegrounds offer, but gear balanced, I fear this has been requested a long time but never materialized.

Unfortunately in 6v6 PvP, diminishing returns of gear progression only kick in very very late, so I cannot even promise you an even playing field once you reach near top gear.
Even on Dragonforge 8-soon-9 - where I am now - there is a hell of a lot of gear wall between me and raid-fuelled 6v6ers: Dyad gems, 10 second souls, Sky accessories, pet shield - to name a few.


I can kill someone in max gear but I need to be twice as good. And you need to be very good to avoid being caught, otherwise you are 100-0 much faster than should be possible.


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